February 28, 2012

Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter Launching Event with Cosmopolitan

Super late post!! TT.TT My uni gave me no time to rest... Okay just go through the post then. On Thursday, February 17th  I was invited to Revlon Lip Butter Launching Event with Cosmopolitan. I almost never know I was invited, because the invitation e-mail goes to spam folder. But one of Cosmopolitan's staff mentioned me at twitter, so I did realize I got an invitation.. Many thanks to Revlon Indonesia and Cosmopolitan for inviting me :)

I thought I was late, because I'm stuck in traffic for about 2,5 hours, but I only need around 30 minutes on my way home. Jakarta's traffic is getting really bad. Beside I got lost too. TT , TT I was kinda hopeless that I could make it to the event. But finally I'm arrived!

This event is held at Poste Kitchen and Bar in The East Building, Kuningan. Once I arrived, it's really crowded inside. I came in and immediately saw Stella Lee there, thanks to her blonde hair LOL. She's very nice and introducing me to another beauty bloggers. I'm so happy because everyone is really nice and humble. I knew some of them already because I often visit their blog.

The event itself is really fun.Hosted by Ary Kirana and Iwet Ramadhan.  They are introducing their newest product, Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter.  I'd read about this product before  and really wanna find out about how good it is. ;)

If you're asking me what a lip butter is, I could say lip butter is a combination between lipstick and lipbalm. It has the moisturizing properties from lipbalm, but also has color pigmentation from lipstick. But in fact, the color itself doesn't goes as bold as lipstick but much more sheer. So most of color will looks natural depends on your natural lip color. 

An important tips you should never forget about this lip butter.. DO NOT try it on your hand when you swatch it, but swatch it on ON YOUR LIP. Why? Because it could create different color on lip even when the same color applied. It really depends on your own natural lip color. So don't make a mistake when you're going to buy them :D

Meet Revlon Indonesia Brand Ambassador, Carissa Puteri. She's so beautiful! ;)

Since this is an event for fashion and make-up blogger, so there's a talkshow about fashion with Dewi Utari and Nina Nikicio. They are talking about latest fashion trends and many things about fashion. Should learn more from them!

In the middle of the event, a game has been set. They chose 3 pair of bloggers which consist of fashion and make-up blogger in a pair and all of them will do a challenge. It's really interesting! They have to make over models into a colorful appearance in fashion and make-up. Not forget too mention that they only have several minutes ONLY!

See how crowded when they're picking items to wear? xD

Make-up bloggers in action!

Putri Kansil (www.putrikansil.com)

I even got a chance to try on the lip butter at their mini stand there. :D I love Sweet Tart.

Unfortunately, I couldn't stay until the event is finish because it's late already and my boyfie waited for me outside, so I gotta rush and go home. >,< I didn't talk too much with another bloggers and even forget to take photos together. I guess I'm really really nervous, but I hope we could meet again next time :)

I captured my looks after I'm home, looks tired already and my lip color has disappeared because I'm having a dinner with my boyfie before we went home .

I got a goodie bag and Hello! Magazine. And here's what inside the goodie bag. :D They're really generous! I also got 2 lip butter. Review will be coming soon. ;) Mine is in Creme Brulee and Cupcake. There's also cotton candy and a lollipop included inside. I feel like back into my childhood LOL... super sweet ;D

Actually each people got two cupcakes, but my father eat the other before I capture any photos LOL

I do really enjoy the event and meet so many new friends.


  1. We were so glad to meet you in person last time! ^^

  2. too bad we didn't take photos together, still have next time la ya LOL

    omg i wanna try the cupcake T_T

  3. My Gosh! There's me on the post! thank you, Gabby. I think I saw you. But never get the chance to introduce myself. boohooo

    see you next time, Gabby.

  4. Yes.. how can I forgettt!!! >_< Hahaha suprisingly my dad loves the cupcake LOL

  5. Yes.. xD I saw you when you're in the games! :D yes, next time should chat together ^^

  6. Yes ^^ this is my first time attending a beauty event


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