April 9, 2012

Review : Baviphat Pore Tightening Essence

I did realize I haven't make any updates for about two weeks! Mid test really drives me crazy, I feel like time flies. :| kinda hope I have more hours in a day.

Okay enough with random talking, I simply remember about this little thing in my drawer. I owned this for about a year and use it regularly. It's Baviphat Pore Tightening Essence. Last year, I'm quite impressed by Baviphat products and decided to try on their skincare line which is sounds a little weird to me, Paprika Line. As you know, Baviphat is really famous with their fruit image! Remember the fruit mask, apple, lemon, mango, strawberry, and many more! I'm kinda wanna try what paprika smells like LOL.

The Paprika line itself is classified into three different line. WATER UP in green paprika, PORE TIGHTENING in yellow paprika, and TROUBLE OUT in red paprika. Each line consists of four main products which is essence, toner, emulsion, and sleeping pack.

So I decided to purchase the Essence first. The first thing come in my mind is they always have a cute fruit packaging! Didn't look cheap at all. For those who love pretty-nice-cute looking packaging, I'm sure you won't miss their product.

It's a bottle with pump. :) another plus for the packaging.

One pump is enough for the entire face. The texture of the essence is light and transparent. Easily absorbed right after you spread it all. It also has a hint of fruity fragrance. Since it contains grapefruit extract, I guess it must be grapefruit! But unfortunately for me the scent isn't as pleasant as the other Baviphat products that I ever tried. Not seems like fresh fruit scent for me, but more likely an artificial scent. This essence is really light and didn't break me out at all. Therefore I love using this.

The only disappointment is I didn't see any improvement after using this for a long time. It's just a so-so product. I know maybe I should use the whole range to see the effect, but I found it's not really appealing anymore. What I love from most of Baviphat product is their product is barely break me out and help to maintain my skin, especially their mask. I'm much more interested to try on their mask.

What I love
Didn't break me out

What I not really love
-Limited information

Rating 3.5/5

Another thing that bother me about Baviphat is all they didn't provide information in English. So it's kinda hard for non Korean people to read and know more about their products.


  1. What a detailed review! :D I've never tried Baviphat skincare before even though I know they're quite popular. The packaging is super cute!! :D

  2. seems like a lovely product to use! can you follow me? :D


  3. iya baviphat emang terkenal lucu-lucu packaging buahnya hehehe

  4. Thanks :) yeap they're quite popular but there's so little information we got here :(

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