April 12, 2012

Marimari Dobest Giveaway Review #2

Okay I'm going to continue my previous post about the rest of Do-Best Giveaway. ;) You can read the first review here. This is the last two items... a pack of eyelid tape and eyebrow mascara. Hope you enjoy reading this post.

 Hard to see the lines even in real life. D:

All description and instructions are in Japanese

This eyelid tape is from Loujene. I simply love the packaging when I saw it for the first time.I found the eyelid tape is way too LONGER for my eye. Well I have such a really small eye and also an old surgery scar on my left eyelid. So when I grow up, it shapes into a weird crease line. And it's still kinda hard to maintain with the eyelid tape. Therefore I have to cut it until it fit and create such a natural lid looks. What impress me the most is this tape has a SUPER STRONG glue stick on it. Even my friend told me the same too. It stays nicely on my lid for the whole day, and that's pretty good because I tend to sweat a lot and my lid is oily! I would like to know if there any size that would fit my small eyes.

Letting aside the size matter, I love it! The cute pink stick also works well. But I hope they could bring more product in it. It only contains 10 pair of eyelid tape. Kinda little compared to most of eyelid tape come in such a greater amount.

Last thing is an eyebrow mascara from Mio Piccolo. I'm really excited to try this on hehe.

I got it in golden brown color. This is a pretty light brown color. It's also easy to use and remove :) Nice bargain afterall. And look at those leopard prints on the cap! So nice since I love leopards. Well it turns a little bit weird because my hair color is still dark, perhaps it would looks good on me after I get my hair color lighten nicely! I'm planning to dye it into caramel brown :)

Overall, I'm satisfied with Do-Best products! :D I hope to see more of them. :) If you're interested with these products, you can contact Marimari for further information.

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