April 22, 2012

Movie Review : Battleship + Latest Life Story

Weeks without update at all but now Mid Test is OVER!! Can you believe that? I'm kinda wanna scream after I submit the last exam. Hahahaha... Now I want to share you a movie you HAVE TO WATCH! I'm not lying. Just keep reading.

It's all because after exam, my boyfie, Pat, asked me to go and watch a movie. Of course I said YES YES YES! Since I have no more things and assignments to do, let's go anywhere la. LOL. Kidding, okay then we went to Central Park since it is near and the parking area is quite nice. So we rushed and went to Blitzmegaplex. My boyfie said we're going to watch Battleship. I'm kinda confused because I never heard that movie at all. I even asked him,"Are you sure ?". Because the last time we went to the movie, we watched two movies in a row but both of them aren't really good. Then I'm kinda sick to go back to the movie with not-really-good-movie.  I even don't have any high expectation about this film.

Source : Disney Dreaming

Later we found out that the next play is kinda too long. So Pat said,"Let's just take the Velvet Class."My reaction..."Are you freaking serious?? I'm drowning wet because I was late for exam and we went through the rain! Now you're asking me to watch in velvet class with this condition??"

He seems like,"Never mind la.." And straightly buy the ticket, popcorn, and so on. This is not the first time he surprised me with his sudden action. He said it's much more fun if things aren't always organized. He means that he could make sudden decision that could make me hit his head because of it. -_- since I'm a super organized person and I hate to do something that not on my schedule at the moment.

Anyway, this time his decision to choose the Velvet Class is just right. Because the movie took around 2.5 hours. I could lay down and rest for a bit. *kisses*

Source : Blitzmegaplex

On to the movie. This is a science fiction film directed by Peter Berg and released by Universal Picture. Starring Taylor Kitsch, Alexander Skarsgard, Brooklyn Decker, Rihanna, and Liam Neeson. The story begin when a jobless but potential guy named Alex Hopper is used to messed up everything. His brother who is a naval officer, finally forced him to join the Navy.

Under so many conflicts which I won't tell you guys here, Alex finally facing a really urgent condition when groups of alien were coming to the Earth, destroyed his brother's and Japanese's Maritime ship, then trapped them inside a barrier. Joined with the Japanese crew, Captain Nagata, Alex has to make a decision and strategy to fight against those aliens.

The movie itself is quite good. Good story, good plot, good actor. All I could say is, I didn't find any 'BORING' part in this film. You should see it by yourself. I'm highly recommending you this movie to watch!! I'm sure you will not regret LOL.

NOW it's time for a little update

Just skipped it if you are not interested. You have been warned! LOL

As usual when mid test term is coming, I'm busy with all of exam thingy. I barely have slept, all I know when I sleep is only about exam and exam, I even sleep over at my friend's place for several days, didn't sleep for several days doing assignment together. I'm rushed to finish all my assignments. And most of them aren't in the right portion for me. So much things to do but only have so little time. My mood and physical condition is at their worse condition. =_= I'm getting mad easily. I even don't have enough time to take a rest. Everyday after I wake up, I only remember about my unfinished assignments. How I supposed spent my time for other thing? This time, mid term drives me really crazy. And it's only mid test! Not the final one. Can not imagine how the final test could be.

I'm quite happy when mid test is almost over, when I suddenly get a bad news that Pat format the HDD by accident. Feels like...

Source : Google
What theeeeeeeee....... I'd prepared all things to blog about, all the product's photo, and so on inside that HDD.. now you tell me that the HDD is being formatted! I'm going mad like crazy -_____- can not think anymore, all my uni project, design, portofolio, photographs, I put all my data inside the HDD!!! I'm going to apply for internship next semester and now my data has been lost! Are you kidding or what?
Source : Google
I keep blaming him because he's so careless! He tried to recover the data with recovery software and I keep praying that my important data could be saved!! TT.TT  I still need to work and save back all my data from my HDD which is only about 30% from the whole data. The data is also mixed up and so miserable because they're not back with folders but files everywhere. I have to reorganize them one by one again. :\ I'm thinking to reshoot the photo again la. But still remember about my assignments and old portofolio especially my illustrator file that can't be saved at all! Most of my portofolio is in Illustrator. It means I almost lost all of them.... *cries*

Anyway, I'm thinking of rebuild my blog again. Change new interface, layout, etc but what much more important is change the blog name and URL. :| Okay it's a hard decision and I still contemplating. Easily get bored and I think the name itself sounds childish =3=  hahaha... What do you think?

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