April 29, 2012

Shop Cook with MAC Cosmetic Event

Hi everyone! On Saturday 21st, I got an invitation from Stella Lee to attend MAC Cosmetic Launching Event collaborated with JOY Magazine. MAC Cosmetic is releasing their latest Summer 2012 Collection named Shop Cook. Well, I'm really excited to go there. :D
MAC Shop COOK Collection

I went there together with Stella and her friend, Vannie. We come there earlier because Stella has her make up to be done there, while I and Vannie, are having a make over. 

No longer, the other beauty bloggers are coming. I met Nisa and Endi. Nisa was having her make up touch while Endi was countouring his face.

Endi is on action. His expression is kinda serious when doing make up. But when he talks, he surely smile and really friendly. And guess what? When Pat saw his photo, he said that they were classmates in junior high! What a small world LOL.

Later on, more beauty bloggers are coming and it's really really crowded inside there. I even hardly could take photos because there's also so many visitors that interested to come inside the store and watch how Stella's make up being done. Sorry for lack of photographs. >,< *my bad*

One of MAC Make Up Artis, Belinda, explained so many useful thing about make up application such as countouring, choosing the right color for your make up, and of course explaining about the MAC Cosmetic newest collection. She's really  friendly and answered guest's question clearly. Really informative. And of course doing good with Stella's make up. She looks gorgeous right?

 See the results! LOVELY! <3

Not forget to mention that MAC also have super gorgeous models at that day!! See how cute are them and I do really impressed by their height!! *feel so tiny*

See how dare I am taking photos with them... 
See what I mean by 'tiny' between them?
The man beside me still looks nice even he accidentally close his eyes.. Super photogenic ! *envy* And of course, PHOTO GROUP! So crowded! I'm not lying :P

After that, I and other beauty bloggers went to Sanpachi Ramen and ate together there. Yes but unfortunately no photos because my DSLR is really big and not really user friendly. I'm considering to buy another digital camera later. Not heavy and much more easier to bring with.o_o I wanna scream every time I have to bring that heavy camera with me. Camera, Y U SO heavy?

I do really enjoy the event a lot.  It's such a really nice event!


  1. wtf u should have PS my face first haha.. i hate my hair style at that day, bad salon!! :(
    see you on next event!

  2. seriously? You look beautiful already la no need any PS LOL... but now your hair has turn amazingly beautiful <3 love it


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