May 23, 2012

Givenchy Youth VAX'IN for Youth Serum

Couple of weeks ago, I was invited by Givenchy to attend their newest product, Youth VaXin Serum. The event was held at Mal Kelapa Gading which is pretty close with my residents.

I arrived there and straightly meet other bloggers there. I was also kindly greeted by Givenchy Branch  Manager, Ms. Julie.Then we gathered around and heard about the new Givenchy Youth VaXin Serum.

Here's the serum that have been talked about. The packaging is really simple and modern.

Youth Infusion Serum is formulated with a unique complex capable of generating micro-stimuli which encourage the skin's cells to produce their own age-defying protein - HSP70.
Defense and repair mechanisms are strengthened. Wrinkle formation is slowed down. Tone and resilience are maintained. Skin stays luminous looking and youthful.
With this cosmetic vaccine-like age-defying effect, the skin is left looking youthful and invigorated.
Source : Givenchy

This serum is allocated for woman aged 25 years and above when they need more protection against aging. It has milky white color, lightweight texture and easy to blend. Quickly absorbed and there's no any sticky or greasy feeling after usage. It also has a little nice scent which is not really troublesome at all.

Afterwards we move ahead to Givenchy counter inside SOGO Department Store.  

Can you see that? Our playground at the day ;) Givenchy has a really wide range of products starting from skincare, make-up, perfume, and even fashion. :) really impressive

Carnellin was the first who get her skin tested while other bloggers were playing around the make up and skincare zone. If you  pay attention on their packaging carefully, Givenchy packaging identic with its geometrical squared G shape which is arranged into several different pattern in different color. :D You can easily recognized it.

Look at this square thingy, at first I think it's kinda color corrector powder or even a powder blush but I'm totally wrong!!! This is a powder. Yes you didn't get me wrong, a powder. Although they come up with unusual color, but after you blend them all, they give a really nice color.

Prepared to see the magic. I was kinda amazed too LOL.

Then let's move to the skincare zone. 

This peel cream works like magic. We did scrub it on Aini's hand, and you did really can tell the difference now. It looks slightly lighter after usage. o_o miracle! The texture is creamy with soft scrub inside. Not harsh at all but really mild indeed.

You can see by yourself. I'm not exaggerating at all. It make a slight different in real.
They also have a cute pinky make up remover! The texture is a little bit thick and creamy compared to another make up remover. But who can resist those cute pink make up remover??

Afterwards Aini and Endi were getting their make over.
Captured you too ce Phanie!

Cute pose LOL

And so this is how do they look after the make over. They're match as blue-blue couple at that day :D Don't you guys agree?

And of course I did the skin test (finally!). The results is my skin type is normal to oily. The one who tested my skin said that oily skin can be affected by weather and food. Being exposed under the sun for too long and eating spicy or oily food could stimulate oil production. I'm pretty sure in my case it's because I'm being exposed under the sunlight too often. :\ should I wear a mask from now on?

Anyway before the event ended, we did a photo group and each of us were given a generous gift from Givenchy. 
Me, Stella, and Silke

And Phanie was giving me a little gift!! Oh my I'm really touched, I even has left and she's searching for me just to hand it over >_< much love! *will be posting about it later* It's really fun and I'll review some stuffs from Givenchy later. :)


  1. sepertinya acaranya seru yaaa.. :D
    kyny slama ini aku cuma tahu klo Givenchy itu merk parfum ._.

  2. waah kayaknya acara nya seruu yaa ^^

  3. Iya ^^.. aku malah tau Givenchy fashion line nya, ternyata punya banyak line hehehehe

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