May 18, 2012

Review and Swatch : Dolly Wink Liquid Eyeliner

Hello everyone. Today I wanna make a review about the famous Dolly Wink Liquid Liner. In fact, I thought it's a little bit pricey but since everyone raves about it, I can not resist to order one when one of shop were offering a special price on this. I just grab one straightly. It has been a permanent occupant in my make up pouch.. Let's find out!

Dolly Wink always came with a super cute packaging. And of course for this one! They packed it inside a cute box with a ribbon cut on top.With pink and black color, it looks really nice and so Japanese to me.
The eyeliner itself come in pastel pink with purple dots and a black cap with Dolly Wink logo on it. Totally adorable and sweet.

I have to admit that you pay the quality that you get. Because it's really easy to use even for a newbie and those who are having a hard time with unsteady hands. It's much more easier than using pencil eyeliner because it has a sharp and thin edge which is really easy to work with.

See how  I draw the G pretty neat with different thickness. You can also adjust the thickness with the right pressure. It dries quite fast compared to usual liquid eyeliner. Really really easy to use!

Now we come to the test! I let it under my shower. Not budging at all.
But it does fade after I smudge it while it wet. It will be alright if you just dab your lid dry when it's wet. DON'T RUB while it's wet.
Smudgeproof test. As you can see I smudge it pretty hard until it cast redness on my skin, but it still stays. Only fade a little bit

The staying power is quite amazing even when I wear this all day long and it stays nicely on my lid. But I found out that the color is not really intense when I put it alone on my oily lid. I need to prime my eye first before I got the solid black color. It's also not possible to make it more solid by applying it several time because it's not getting any darker. So it's kinda disappointing me.

Easy to use

Not really intense color on oily lid

Rating 4.5

In fact it's a really good product to deal with and it's worth enough to try especially for those who are having a hard time with eyeliner. But I'm considering to buy another product which has a same quality but slightly cheaper. This just not really satisfying me, especially in the price matter. If you don't mind to spent more for eyeliners, I highly recommend you to try on this. Remembering the fact that I always bring it everywhere, you'll love it. ;)


  1. aku juga suka produk ini XD.

    Tulisan G-nya di tangan keren^^

  2. I agree with you on this!~ Its a pretty decent eyeliner but the price is up high considering there are plenty of equally good eyeliners with just a fraction of its price ...

  3. Me too.. ahahah thanks.. just wanna show how it could draw a precise and thin lines :)

  4. Yes... you got my point dear! ^.^

  5. what a cute packaging :D
    too bad ternyata pricey yah.. hehe ♥

  6. Yap.. most of Japanese make-up is pricey LOL

  7. Baruuu aja tadi siang beli ini di Debenhams Sency, tau dari blog-nya Stella Lee ada Dolly Wink di sana, penasaran.. Tadinya cuma mau liat2, tergoda pas nyoba testernya... ^^ Belum sempet dibuka, abis baca ini ga nyesel td beli ^^ Thanks Gabby...!

  8. Tenang aja ga nyesel kok... udah jadi teman setia dibawa kemana-mana... ;) met nyobain yaaaa

  9. beli dimana?berapa?

  10. Candy Dolly House di fb.. ^^ waktu itu lg promo jadi 150 rb kalo ga salah.. hehehe :)


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