May 11, 2012

Indonesian Beauty Blogger [IBB] 1st Gathering!

Indonesian Beauty Blogger were having their first gathering on April 28th, 2012. I was really excited to go there because I can meet with other members who I only know via their blog. The gathering was held at Coffee Cabin, Kuningan Junction.
Welcome to Coffee Cabin, Ladies!

I was going with Endi since I don't know the venue and we're coming a little bit late LOL. It was really crowded inside and there's so many people inside already! ^o^ *excited*

Endi did my make-up at that day! Do I look beautiful? ;)
*photos at venue was deleted ... -_- my bad*

Before reporting the whole event, I think I need to explain a little bit about Indonesian Beauty Blogger or IBB. Indonesian Beauty Blogger is a community where all beauty bloggers in Indonesia could share together, especially about make-up and beauty. We have an official group based on Facebook which you can visit by clicking the logo on my sidebar. There's also several rules that need to be read especially for new members about being listed and for the IBB's logo. You can read it at Nisa's post here.

Actually the main reason for being a member of IBB is not because the benefit that you can got such as  invitation for beauty event, free stuff, or even popularity. It's not our goal! For me, nowadays blog is an effective media for sharing information.The main purpose of being a beauty blogger is you have a passion in it and share it through your blog. Just do blogging because you really like it, you love it, and you enjoy it. With this, I hope that people could enjoy blogging because they just love it, not because they're expecting something else.

Okay and now move on to the event!There's an introduction session where each member was introducing themselves, their blog, their vision and mission, etc. It was really fun to know more about others :) Then Stella continued to explain furthermore about the IBB rules and staff. Some staffs were also giving tips about how to be a good blogger as well.

I can not capture all the bloggers because Endi was doing my make-up at the moment D:... Really sorry >_<..and proudly introducing our leader or should I say 'Ibu Ketua' LOL...Stella Lee. ;)

There are also so many games such as quiz and crazy make-up game. The first make-up game is 5 minute smoky eyes and the second one it applying lipstick in 5 seconds with closed eyes. LOL it was so fun!!

Carryn - Felicia, Marcelle - Nisa, Rilla- Maria

The results.... Beautiful or not?

I was also participating in the lipstick disaster game LOL and pair up with Tikka! Since I think the photos aren't appropriate to post so I'm not uploading any. Will not show you my 'shameful' masterpiece xD

But I also took another interesting photo!

Duet Endi and Stella.. They're both could be a good singer in the future *thinks*

While Endi and Stella were entertaining us with their song, some of us continue our next activity, revealing the make-up pouch! And lots of photos after this LOL!  xD A beauty blogger will never miss any chance for photo hahaha.

Last but not least as usual :D Group photo.. grabbed this from IBB Group.
Down (L-R) : Marcelle, Endi, Me, Nisa, Stella, Mada, Maria, Putri

In the end, I enjoyed the event and really excited that I got so many new friends :') I hope that we could grow as a community with the same passion and become much more solid in the future. We should do another gath later!!


  1. dafuq, you only post bad photos of mine LOL

  2. Eh iya poto lo kelupaan satu yang cakep :P... hauahahahha tuh uda dipost yang cakep wkwkwkwk

  3. priscilla clara siregarMay 12, 2012 at 1:14 PM

    I love your pink eyes! So anime! ^^ Nice post.. miss you all so much.. :D

  4. very nice :D
    i love your natural make up..
    visit back! :)

  5. Thanks.. still love my pink lens too <3 we could meet again next time! ^o^

  6. you guys sure have a loooot of fun leh~ XD
    gila smoky eyes 5menit, ama aku dijadiin cemong kali lol

  7. Yeap... :D ahahahaha me too LOL.. bisa jadi belang ntar hahahaha

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