May 6, 2012

SK II Event: How Close is Close Enough?

On Tuesday, April 26th 2012, I was invited to attend SK II Event by Stella. I came along with her and straightly met Stephanie there. *big  hugs* We've been chat through the net quite often, but this is the first time we met in person. :D Then we met Nisa and went straight to the level 8, where the event took place.

SK II launched their newest products which is Cellumination Essence EX, Cellumination Deep Surge EX, and Whitening Spots Specialist Concentrate. Provides you a beautiful look even from 20 cm distance. Amazing right? I was kinda scared if people looked at my bare faced in 20 cm in real because my face aren't perfect at all.

We were warmly welcomed by all the staff and pleased to enjoy snacks before the event begin. First thing come in my mind, they're all really appetizing! :) cute litle dish.

After snack session, we begin the skin test. At first, I'm kinda scared if the results will be horrible! My skin is't really well treatment because of high pollution, UV rays, and so on. But surprisingly, the results isn't as bad as I think at the first place. *happy*

So the advisor told me that I don't have any big problems with pores or skin texture. It's just lack of glowing. Well of course, my skin is being abused by Jakarta's weather and pollution. No wonder they're lack of healthy glow.

And I went straight to the facial room. I was in the same room with Carnellyn. She's having a fabulous skin! And we spent so many time taking picture in the room before we change our clothes LOL.

Me with Carnellyn
So after finished changing our clothes,we were also given soother drinks. Then the therapists went in and prepared all the thing that we need in facial. Well I do feel super relaxed and almost fallen asleep! I could feel that the SK II products is really gentle applied on my face and it doesn't feel harsh or itchy at all. Moreover, SKII are also fragrance free! Good news for those who don't like fragrance in their skincare products ;)
Before - After
After the facial, the therapist also applied foundation on my face but I feel like wearing nothing.Amazing! I couldn't stop touch my cheeks although I shouldn't. It feels really supple and super smooth!! Oh my! Can not stop touching my face!! I also have several acne before facial, but they're being calmed down already after facial. I'm really amazed. Stella even said it feels as smooth as MARSHMALLOW!

Then we were told to go back into the meeting hall where others had gathered already. We're ready to know more about the SK II new products.

SK II's models with beautiful glowing face. They're tall and have such a really beautiful skin!

Mr. Sugimartono also explain that we need to pay attention to our skincare, because we don't need to cover our face with heavy make-up if our skin is healthy already. You just need to add simple make up and you're ready to go! I wish my face could be as beautiful as that. ;)

Before the event ended, they draw a name for a make up session with Mr. Sugi. And Carnellyn is the lucky one. Her skin is glowing healthy already and fit the theme perfectly that make up is looking much more better in a healthy glowing skin.
Mr Sugi and Carnellyn

And at last... PHOTO GROUP as always! :)

Daisy, Nisa, Stella, Hanna, Stephanie, Ai Ni, Me

We're also given a goodie bag with pack of healty food and a box of this!

All bloggers are given this essence and I'll review it after 28 days. :) Please kindly wait for my review. Thanks for reading. 


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  3. you're beautiful! it's so cute!
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