May 30, 2012

Reporting GUESS 30th Anniversary Bloggers Event

As promised, I'm going follow up my previous post.

I was going there with a totally different look. I come back with my natural look. ;)

Once arrived, we were greeted by Tiffany from GUESS. :) We were chilling out with other bloggers before the event started. In this blogger event, GUESS was inviting fashion bloggers and beauty bloggers. GUESS also collaborated with REVLON and BNI 46.

The event was opened with a small quiz and followed by an explanation from GUESS team about their capsule collection and also we did a little tour around the display. They also explained about the latest theme that GUESS adapted for their latest collection.

Source : GUESS
Spotted something triangle there? Well I'll explain about that later.

The Spring Summer Collection is dominated with pastel color. As you can see some hint of soft purple, pink,  paired with jeans or some checkered pattern. Casual yet edgy design.
Source : GUESS
Source : GUESS
Source : GUESS
Source : GUESS
Source : GUESS
Then afterward we move on the 30th Capsule Collection installation which take place behind the mysterious triangle cube.

I do fall in love with their Capsule Collection. You should see Claudia Schiffer by yourself. It's been a long time since she was a model for GUESS campaign in 1989. But I think she does really suit the image of sexy, young, and adventurous.

Still remember about the triangle thingy that I mention in the beginning? Well it's a a preview room previews GUESS Collection.
Source : GUESS
Source : GUESS
The event continue with Blogger Styling Competition. Well not only fashion bloggers who looks excited but also beauty bloggers! We do have Stella, Bella, and Silke join the competition.

All participants were quickly grab the pieces which represent their style. The main key of this styling competition is how to mix and match Guess Capsule Collection with your own style. People might wear the same outfit but everyone will never wear the same personality, right?  :)

Here's some entries for Blogger Styling Competition. Sorry but I don't know some of Fashion Blogger name. I will update once I know their name and links :)

Cute Bella
The Gorgeous Stella Lee

Miss Silke Gianti
And the winner of this competition is Bertha and Bella! Coincidently, their name has a similar spelling though*not important* .But hooraaayyy for both of them!!

GUESS also had nail art and make over corner which is provided by Revlon. ;) Since we love to take pictures, they also provide a photobooth there. And moreover it's for free! Opened for all visitors that come to their installation at Senayan City. How generous are them.

Nail Art Corner
Make Over  Corner

Carnellin with her nail art done! 
I also was about to queue for nail art but the queue line is getting longer and longer LOL. Haven't had any chance to try the photobooth because of long queue and I was busy to capture picture when the competition begin. But I was having fun all day with all my blogger friends.
Bloggers with GUESS team

Indonesian Beauty Blogger
Bella - Me
With Priscilla
I love your hanging pom pom there, Cilla!! 

With Rini
The true beauty that I know la... Miss Silke Gianti.

And of course our photographer at the day,  Franky Wu. See how do he manage us to take photographs? LOL no la I'm just kidding. This is captured by coincidence. 

Last but not least, GUESS was generously giving us a huge tote bag with lots of stuff! ;) Thanks a lot for this opportunity. I'm pretty sure that all bloggers will be glad to attend GUESS next event. 

Since GUESS is affiliate with BNI 46, they have a special offering in May. Starting from 1-31st May, BNI Credit Card Holders(expect Corporate Card and Hasanah Card) will get additional 5% discount for any purchase of 30th Collections. This is valid in all GUESS outlets in Indonesia.So go grab the collection in the nearest GUESS outlets.

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