June 12, 2012

Yves Saint Laurent Touch Eclat in 20th Year Anniversary

Yves Saint Laurent is celebrating the 20th Anniversary of their phenomenal Touch Eclat . Have you guys heard about Touch Eclat?

Touch Eclat is a multi purpose make up products which can be used as concealer and highlighter. It has a really light and runny formula that can be blend easily without any greasy feelings. And as a celebration for the 20th Anniversary, YSL has launched four different color to match all women skintone. 

It comes in a super luxurious gold packaging with a touch of deep black color. Representing the elegant point from a woman. Further review about Touch Eclat will be up soon ;)

And if you're wondering about the swatch. I'd prepared it for you guys. :) As you can see, they provided many colors already to make sure everyone can use this amazing products. 

We were also given an opportunities to play around their booth. And as you can see, the first thing that attracts me is their lip products! They have so many type of lip products which you can see in the picture below. I can't feel enough trying on them! I tried on the tint gloss and madly love it! It feels like  WATER ! Seriously, there aren't any sticky feeling at all. It melts on your lip just like you're putting an ice on your lips. Worry about pigmentation? Don't worry, it's really pigmented! 

I bet you must having a really hard time to choose among them all.

Therefore there are also tons of products starting from their skincare, base make up, decoratives products which is really tempting.

Back again with lip products as always. The YSL Golden Gloss also feels like heaven for me. You can see the purplish color on the clear gloss which is rare to be found. And I just love the pink gloss there. ;) Typically my favorite pink color. Not forget to mention the watery texture. I must admit lip products from YSL are the best too.

They also had several type of mascara with different brushes.

Treated with these beautiful and delicious macaroons!

Fellow beauty blogger friends.

And our 'special' models for YSL.. I should make them pose together in a frame. 

Okay now it's make over time. Mada was having her make over with YSL team while Cilla was having her make over with Mr. Franky Wu. And of course they used YSL products, so you can see the end results of all products that you see in the previous picture.

Cute Priscilla
Gorgeous Mada
Then the opening event begin with the history of Touch Eclat. It is such a really popular product that women will proudly have them in their pouch. 

Continued with the Touch Eclat Demo. They showed to us how to use Touch Eclat properly. It can be use as concealer or even highlighter.

Quiz Time

Last but not least as usual, group photo!

It's been a long journey passing 20 years for the Touch Eclat to beautify women all around the world. I will be back with Touch Eclat Review. 

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