June 13, 2012

[Sponsored] Review : Revlon Colorstay Creme Gel Liner in Brown

I was sent some package to be reviewed from Revlon few weeks ago. They are generous enough to give me a big package.


Revlon Colorstay series latest invention. 

There's also a cute plastic pouch with a mini brush set. Lovely!

Lots of stuff. More reviews are coming soon. ;)

The first thing that attracts me the most is the gel liner. Most of gel liner liner could hardly stay in my lid since I have an oily lid and I do sweat a lot. So I'm really excited to try out whether it will work good on me or not. The packaging itself aren't something new for me because several gel liners from other brand has came with a similar type. But I find out it's really save a lot of space in my pouch. The jar and the brush are in one  packaging :)

Revlon Gel Liner has 4 different shade which are Black, Brown, Charcoal, and Plum. The price is Rp 75.000,00 which is reasonable for me. 

I got mine in shade 002 which is Brown Brun. Nett weight is 2.3 gr.

In case of you're wondering how does the brush work, just scroll on to the picture below :)

It's really tiny and I think even my thumb wouldn't fit into the jar. LOL

Since we're going to wear only a little bit, I think it just had the right amount remembering the facts that gel liner are easily dried up. I also recognized a hint of shimmer inside the gel liner.

Time to swatch.

Quite impressed by how the brush works. It is precise enough to create such a really thin lines.

And here we come with the eyeliner test.

 The shimmer did transfer right on my finger!

And here's how does it look on my eye. It's pretty natural to use on daily basis.

Almost unnoticeable huh? I think the brown color aren't as intense as my other brown gel liners. It just perfectly suit for those who want no make-up look for daily purposes.

I have to say that I'm quite impressed by this tiny little thing. It stayed on my lid as long as I didn't rub it really hard. Although it claimed the liner could stay until 24 hour but the longest time that I've tried so far while using this is around 12 hour. And it has faded already but c'mon I don't think there is somebody would like to wear eyeliner for 24 hour.It tends to smudge and started to fade when my lid is getting oily but it doesn't really bothersome. Prime your eyes will help to make it last longer. Beside it is super waterproof. Waterproof cosmetic is important for me especially when I'm using eye make up since I'm easily sweating and using contact lens.

The brush itself  is a good quality remembering that most of products always come with a so-so applicator. I could easily draw any kind of line, either the bold one or even the thin one. Just make sure you get it cleaned up properly after usage.

The only thing that really bother me is about the shimmer that scatters around the eye and make the whole look so unnatural.

-Long lasting


Rating 4.0 / 5

Well, in the end I'm satisfied with this product and probably will try another color such as Black and Plum. ;) Purple gel liner seems really tempting.

Have you tried this baby out?

Disclaimer : This product was sent for review purposes and I am not paid to write the reviews. All reviews are honestly based on my own opinion. 


  1. nice review! it looks so nice on you! shimmer is not really a problem for me so I think I will like this! Thanks for sharing ^_~

  2. nice review gab :)
    jadi dilemma beli nyx atau ini @___@

  3. Yeap it's a really good product.. I will probably try the other color too :D

  4. Ahahahah NYX ada gel liner juga ya vhei? Baru tau o_o

  5. Supaaaa nice review ^^

  6. haha noo, sorry bikin bingung xD~ aku lg pingin beli eyeliner, jadi masih nyari2 apa yg bagus :p kmrn2 liat warna2 NYX bagus sih *__*

  7. iya liner warna-warni tuh tempting banget deh!!! >,<


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