June 27, 2012

Wanna be Sweet? Play Etude at Pink Burlesque

WOHOOO!!! I'm back!! After long tiring week and lack of sleep, it's finished already! It's holiday time!! I got an invitation from Etude House right after my very last exam. The timing was just too damn good! LOL So after the submition, I and Stella rushed together to the event. Since it's being held at Taman Anggrek Mal which is pretty near with my uni, so we decided to went there together.

Etude House Pink Burlesque!

Etude House has been a really well known korean brand in Indonesia. As we know that korean make-up style is simple and natural look, but somehow people grown just like girl has grown into a woman. That's why make up also need an improvement.  Etude House try to bring something more colorful and different with their newest collection, Dear My Series.  This newest series can be used for special occasion such as for party look or stage make-up. And that's the main reason about why Etude House is coming with plenty of new series with more colorful and long lasting products.

The newest collection from Etude House
Dear My Talk  Series (Credit : Etude House Indonesia)

Precious Mineral BB Bright Fit (Credit : Etude House Indonesia)

Skin Malgeum Skincare Line (Credit : Etude House Indonesia)
And now we got into the event! Here's how I look. :) After running to submit my exam, I try to fix my make up and keep it simple.

As you can see, Etude House was using the main hall and fill them up with all Etude House Products, games corner, stage, etc. This is the 2nd Etude House's biggest event in Indonesia. And you can see how crowded inside there on weekdays!

Lots of products! And Franky enjoyed his time a lot by testing the products one by one on me LOL. I could see almost all range Etude House's product. Well, to be honest the products were too many!!

The new skincare line from Etude House, Skin Malgeum. It has a really unique packaging which look more mature to me but still cute! It provides you a wide range to make sure you can choose which one is suitable for your own skin.

There is also a make up demo by a korean MUA. She was showing to us how to create a natural korean look.
Credit : Etude House Indonesia

Simple and of course natural look!

Credit : Etude House Indonesia

With fellow beauty blogger friends!
With Marsha

Meet one of Etude House's MUA, Sherly. She's really pretty and also a humble person :)

And after all it's such a really nice event and I'm really happy that I could come to enjoy the fun together! Not forget to mention, Etude House is such a really generous to give us a full size products which I've been eyeing since! Will review about it soon.

Wanna be sweet? Play ETUDE!


  1. marshakartaswardharmaJune 27, 2012 at 1:36 PM

    ada akuuuu *peluk ceceh. :3

  2. iya ada kitaaa mejeng gede banget hahahahaha

  3. huuuaa gabby dpt free product yg dear my ya??? ngilerr ga ke ta nyesel :'(
    pdhl brg aku ampir etude smuaa >.<

  4. hahah iya dapet itu yang di atas fotonya ^^ review menyusul... ayoo belajar pake softlens! sini aku ajarin.. xD

  5. wiiih pengen bgt dateng. sayang saya tinggal di bandung ^^

  6. box ny jg lucuu gab ngiler2 >.<
    aku tunggu review nya ;P
    mau gabby ajarin,huhuhu, wktu itu tmn aku udh ajarin sampe mau pakein tpi kedip2 mataku :'(
    katany mata aku kecil gab. hikss :'(

  7. Hahahah bisa kok :) tenang aja, kayanya karena belon biasa aja.. mataku juga kecil tapi 16 mm aja masuk xD

  8. Ayoo main ke jakarta *tarik-tarik kesini*... Hehehehe semoga ke depannya acara-acara begini bakal diadain di bandung dan kota lain juga ^o^ jadi semuanya bisa dateng :)


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