June 6, 2012

Mamechiyo for Shu Uemura "Kimono Party"

I was attending another event from Shu Uemura. I'm kinda amazed when I arrived because there are lots of kimono! *that's why it's called Kimono Party* I love Japan at the first time because I saw their kimono and totally fall in love with it. They have beautiful prints yet really unique for each kimono. It's really tempting!

The famous Shu Uemura eyelash curlers are even decorated with these gorgeous butterflies.
Well if in usual days, Shu Uemura's counter appear to be like this...

Then be prepared to see the colorful decoratives instead of their classic white color.

Shu Uemura has been known as a brand that brings the art of Japenese techniques in beauty. And now they are bringing the spirit of Japanese spring by launching their iconic product in a beautiful kimono prints with a such beautiful touch from Mamechiyo, a modern kimono Artist from Japan.

There are four spring flowers which is used as the decorative graphics and prints. They are Fuji, Sakura, Ume, and Botan. 

They also created this cute pinky stuff. Seriously I love those prints! The mixture between spring season, Japanese traditional graphics, and beauty are poured into the design. Moreover, all the prints still representating the beauty of Japanese. I can't say more but you guys decide it. :)

Spring is HERE!

Flowery Cupcakes
Me with Gorgeous Kimono

There are so many products on the counter since Shu Uemura also has a lot of decoratives products such as blushes, eye shadow, and so on.

Shu Uemura Skincare Range
And these are the iconic product from Shu Uemura. The UV under Base Mousse and Cleansing Oil. The UV base were slightly unique because it come in mousse texture where most of other similar products come in liquid or cream texture. It's easily melt and spread all over the skin. 

The Classic Packaging
And see how beautiful are them in their new clothes !
Mamechiyo Collection

Shu Uemura also embraced Raffless Design Institute to let their students participate in a kimono design competition based on four flowers of spring with an Indonesian touch.

There's are the top 8 kimono that had been selected.

Kimono fashion show by Raffles Design Institute.

The following event is make up demo by Mr.Hendrix. He is showing to us about colorful spring make up based on Mamechiyo design. He mentioned that the first thing to do is to apply the lip products on. Pretty weird? Yes, I'm kinda confused too at the beginning. But he said that based on the lip color, we can decided on what kind of make up that would enhance the whole look. And I found out it's reasonable. :) A good tips because sometimes I wanna match my make up with my lip color.

He mixed several spring seasonal color such as grass green, baby pink, light yellow, and many more. It suits the kimono well and bring out the feel of spring. 

I feel like I did ever see the model's before and keep asking other whether they also know her or not. Moment of truth revealed by Endi...  In fact, she is one of IBB member. I also often see her in one of biggest female forum in here! Well, that explain why her face is familiar to me. xD

Winner announcement time! I'm pretty nervous too although I'm not one of them LOL. But I'm glad that the kimono that I loves won! :D Congrats for all of you too guys.
Best Categories for Fuji
Best Categories for Sakura
Best Categories for Ume
Best Categories for Botan

Will end the post with this little creature that I found on the counter's table. 

Don't you think they're beautiful with the new prints? Like it or not?  ;)


  1. i love the packaging!! so colorful!! ^_~

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    love this!!


  3. Hi,gabby.. Salam kenal hehehe, nice blog! Aku izin ambil fotoku boleh? Buat koleksi pribadi :)..
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