June 4, 2012

Rocker Chic Make Over for GUESS Party by Franky Wu

Hello lovelies~ In this post I wanna show you the journey of my make up at GUESS Opening Party that I'd mentioned before. I was rushing to the party straight after my campus hour. So I and Stella going from campus to Franky's house and he did our makeover there.

Please don't stare at my bare face. I was super exhausted, not wearing anything even BB cream, plus it's after campus hour. So no need to mention all the ugliness in my face. Just bear with it.



 After Hair do

Products used :
MAC Prep and Prime
The Body Shop Foundation
MAC Strobe cream
Mehron Concealer Wheel
PAC Countouring Palette
PAC Face Colouring Powder
PAC Blush

DIY Palette
China Fake Lashes
Sariayu Pencil Liner in Black
Liquid Liner owned by MUA

Charm Lipstick
Lipgloss owned by MUA

He said that my eye is quite small so he decided to focus on my eye make up to make it more popped out. He also choose this theme for me based on my outfit and I should say he did a really great job. :D I'm really really satisfied with the results. Beside, the make up doesn't feel heavy like when I'm having my make up done at salon. It feels heavyweight and I do look really older. And the make up also easily melts, smudges, etc etc... Bad experience with it in the pastalready. And I think the final results suit a little of my personality well. Remembering I'm not a really girly type girl....(that's what my mom said LOL) And what's much more important is... the make up stays until I get home!!

It last about 6-7 hours and my face still looks so smooth. My skin type is nearly combination with dry cheeks area and super duper oily on my T-Zone. But the make up stay still just like after being applied. Everyone is praising my look at that night. *super happy laaaa*

And in case you're wondering who Franky is... Say hi to him :D

Franky Wu a.k.a Rebzone
Visit his blog too. His make up skill is really awesome, at least if it's being compared with mine HAHAHAHA......I'm sure you won't doubt his skills at make up. Just go contact him if you need a make over for your special ocassion or party. You will satisfied with the results just like how I do.


 I'm in the middle of final exam AGAIN. It seems really fast since my latest update about my final exam and here's come the next one. Will try my best to update my blog. :D Thanks for reading everyone.


  1. You look Fabulous XD


  2. that's really fierce! i love it!


  3. marshakartaswardharmaJune 4, 2012 at 6:45 PM

    wah ini hasil kerjaan tangan nya franky ya. coba ada foto progress nya :) haha


  4. iya sha.. ini buru2 >_< hahaha jadi ga sempet fotoin lagi deh... bisa keburu bubar acaranya hahahaha

  5. good luck on your exam gab :D

    gilaaa, er. . . *speechless* 6-7 jam O_O
    I like how he blend it well,no flaw gtu :)

  6. the makeup looks beautiful :) he accentuated all your naturally beautiful features~ Good luck on the final exam <3

  7. and yeah i think i saw you too, it was nice to meet you! you are so pretty and adorable both in person and on photos <3 nice make up here by your friend, love it xx

    Letters To Juliet

  8. thanks vheii...yeah it takes a longer time to blend but for a perfect results like this??? *can not say more*...

  9. Thanks ^^ yeah, he's such a really talented one :D

  10. Thanks for visit ^^.. nice to meet you too. :) hope we will meet again in the future ^^

  11. Kereeen!! Franky benar2 anak muda berbakat yaa.. ^^


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