August 8, 2012

No Germs Solution with Solusimu

Few weeks ago, I was contacted by Solusimu to try out their products, which is a disposable paper toilet seat cover. Concerning of their campaign about Germs are not for sharing, I'm interested to find out about how this product works.

I believe woman are facing a really difficult issues to keep their hygiene especially on public places, well let say public toilets. Sometimes they don't provide clean water, tissues, or etc. And in several condition, we have to bear with it.In example when you're going out to the mall, university, and so on. Moreover, you will never know who use the toilet before. Regarding to the hygiene issue, it is not safe to straightly seat on the public toilet seat. Well you can't always hold your pee or poo until you reached home or find a proper toilet, right? As for me, I spent most of my time at uni,so it's impossible for me to avoid public toilet. x_x When I'm not at home, I tried my best not to use the public toilet if I could could hold it. Especially if the toilet aren't providing any tissues or water. Sometimes I sit without touching the toilet seat which is pretty painful, you named it. And I believe there are many tricks as well to avoid sitting on public toilet's seat.

Therefore, there are several people who tried to use some trick which is not eco-friendly. Spent more tissues to cover the toilet seat to keep their hygiene. Well it's not wrong actually but I think it's such a waste considering tissues are made from paper and not really eco friendly.

It comes it a really handy packaging. Each package consist of 10 sheets. Just like a normal tissues size and you can always bring it inside your bag. You can pull a piece of paper no matter when or wherever you are. :) It's really nice as for me.

You should tear this part..

If you open the fold, it would turn out like this...

And here's how you put the paper on the toilet cover :D

Pretty easy. The middle part is supposed to be inside as written on the package, but I prefer to put it outside. After usage, I'll put it inside before I flush.

The other good thing is you can flush the paper together without no worry because this product is bio-degradable. It means it dissolve easier than tissues in common. :) It's kinda weird at the beginning when I flush paper in the toilet, but it does dissolve easily and I have no worry that the toilet will be clogged by the paper.

The price of this product itself is mad cheap. Only Rp 5.000,00 for each package. It won't hurt your wallet afterall to keep your hygiene.

Solusimu also provides this product in different packages depend on your needs. For further information you can check through their site here. Keep yourself clean ;) and remember GERMS are NOT for sharing.

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  1. kyaaa, nice product! They really can grab our problem as an opportunity :D


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