August 9, 2012

Comparison : Revlon Colorstay Creme Gel Liner in Black and Brown

Another post about Revlon Colorstay Creme Gel Liner. Well I said in my previous review here that I want to try another color, and I got the black shade at Revlon latest event! So I think I want to make a short comparison between them.

I think black and brown color are the most usual color for eyeliner in here. You can use brown color for more natural and soft look, while black can be used for dramatic eye and give more emphasis to your eye. But still it depends on you. ;)

 By the way, I made a small badge to watermark the picture.. what do you think?? x3 I think it's kinda boring to use typo all the time to watermark my picture hahahahaha...

Here's how do they look like in the jar


And the eyeliner review ritual... eyeliner 'pressure' test LOL (so Masterchef xP)

Smudgeproof test

Waterproof test

Smudge while wet
The black shade surprisingly isn't really black enough. You can see that after I smudge it for a while, it faded a little bit compared to the brown one. However, what I love from the black shade is it doesn't contain any shimmer. So no more bling bling eyes!

Both of them doesn't stay really good on oily lid, so make sure you prime your eyes and set it with matte nude eyeshadow color. It helps those liners stay longer on my oily lid.

After trying on another color, in fact I love the black shade more because it has no shimmer. But it will be much more better  if they got an intense color. :) I hope they could also bring more color in their gel liner collection.

So what do you think? ;) Don't you guys love them too?


  1. well what i like bout revlon is their affordable price. maybe i'll check it out later at watson's!

  2. :D well you should give it a try...


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