August 6, 2012

Get Rid of Unwanted Hair and Skin Treatment at Click House

Few weeks ago, I was invited by Click House to try on their treatement. Of course I was really excited.

They got a really cute welcome sign. ~~ Kinda remind me of tropical beach, don't you agree?

There are three kind of treatement that I would try. It is brazillian and underarm hair removal plus instant skin rejuvenation. Okay this is my first time trying on hair removal. Well, waxing is kinda too painful and not recommended since it could hurt your skin and cause ingrown hair.

Here is where the treatment are being done.. :3 They got red everywhere LOL... *everybody know how much I love red*

Kind and professional staffs are always ready to help you. You can ask them everything! 

Get ready for my treatment.

Well I'm kinda scary at the beginning especially to do the brazillian. But the staff reassured me that it won't be painful. So challenge accepted!

 Sorry for no picture, but it's kinda hard to take a picture with my SLR and the picture from my phone is kinda blurry. ._. But I will explain about the progress...

First of all, your hair will be shaved and the staff was super gentle when she shaved my hair! After that, they will spread some gel before they 'click' it with their special tools. Well it does explain now about Click House hahaha... And guess what? No pain at all! ._. It's only like a little sting. Even an injection would be much painful than this treatment.

And while you're on the click treatment, you have to wear this glasses to prevent your eyes from the click. :D so it's safe!

The staff is really well trained and work gently so they won't hurt your skin. :D I really enjoy my hair removal treatment in Click House and feel super satisfied with it. But still, the hair can't be removed permanently only with one treatment. Depend on your hair growth, hormones, etc it took different number of treatment to get rid of them. In my case, I see a big difference after the hair removal treatment on my right underarm. :) The hair is getting thinner and also grew slower. So I think I'll be back for their hair removal treatment ^^

And now move on to the instant skin rejuvenation...

First, they will gently clean your face.Followed by  peeling with a super soft peeling cream and I could barely feel the scrub, so I'm pretty sure it would not irritate for those who have a sensitive skin. After that they will start to 'click' your face! I'm having a big red acne on my cheeks and kinda hurts when they click it. But it's bearable. It's not as painful as traditional facial. And it does really help to dried up the acnes few days after the treatment. :)

See a little bit reddish after click? Well but it's not painful at all, only feel like a little stings. xD

 Continued with the collagen mask for about 10 minutes.This mask has a really nice scent and also make my skin feel so smooth and bouncy. 

And taraaaa... refreshed!
It might ended up a different results depend on your skin condition and your ages. :)  The staff said this treatment work better for those who aged over 30 when their skin need more treatment. 

But the click dried up my acne super quickly!!

It was red and somehow looks like ready to explode after treatment, but it dries quickly on the day after treatment. So I'm quite amazed. Because as you know, traditional facial is just so painful and I can't bear it at all. Your skin turn out red everywhere and just so painful. @_@ But as for me, this treatment are still too pricey for young people. In my opinion, it would be better to invest on a good skincare product, mask, and so on.

Afterall, Click House provides a really nice place and proffesionall staffs to serve you. So there's no need to worry if you wanna come for a visit. :) Check their site out too here


  1. wow, nice place XD

  2. wow sounds so promising ^^ bagaimana dengan leg and arm hair removal? xD
    i'm so interested to try it out..!

  3. based on my experience, it would turn out nice xD ... the permanent results depends on your hormones and hair growth :)

  4. ahhh.. so that's why they call themself "click"..
    good thing it didn't hurt.. i usually do brazillian wax.. hurt like hell.. =____=

  5. yepp.. it's kinda unique,isn't it? ._. well I asked them for many times whether it hurts or not before I decide to do that.. xD you should try it too


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