August 3, 2012

Review : Maybelline Baby Lips

This is the item that I'd been waiting for! Maybelline Baby Lips! The lip balm that have been raved by all people. Since I was too lazy to order it from the other country, I was kinda surprised when I saw them at Watsons and quickly  grab one!

I have such a really big expectation of this lipbalm and this time it doesn't go wrong.*happy*

These lovely babies comes in three different flavour which is Antioxidant-Berry, Cherry, and Orange.All sounds yummy huh? Well and I choose the Antioxidant-Berry.

First impression. It has such a really nice scent! Seriously. The Berry flavour has a really fresh sour-sweet scent sensation which I love very much. OMG I can't stop sniffing around my lipbalm!! Smells too good aaa!

It also feels so soft and moisturizing without any heavy or sticky feeling. Most of moisturizing lipbalm come in a heavy and sticky filming which I don't like at all. That's a point why I don't really like using a lipbalm. But this is totally light and scent too nice. It is also last quite long if you don't eat or drink. So it has been my currently HG lipbalm!

-Super sweet fragrance


Rating 5/5

SHOULD TRY THIS! Especially if you're having problems with chappy and dry lips. Totally recommended! I will probably try another flavour too. Seems really yummy! :D

Note: I've been busy around to apply my internship so I think I couldn't blog really often anymore. Things aren't always gone bad. I finally found a store that could help me to rescue my HDD! But the technician said the disk was burned. Burned in real... So he wasn't sure if he could restoremy data 100%. Well... even if just 50% I would be happy already >_<. Holiday is about to end soon and I will go back to uni and also work for my internship ahead! *so fast...* But I will always try my best to update when I have a time. :D Until the next time ladies.


  1. Hellow ^^ We luv your blog so much that we nominate you for Versatile Blogger Award ^^ Check out the link ~

  2. Thanks for the award dear~.. will check your blog soon ^^

  3. an award for you :3

  4. Blognya lucu bangeet <3

  5. Hi, there^^ I just found ur blog.
    Nice review, so this is a good product and cheap. Well I used maybelline lip product several times but never tried this one, guess it's worth a try.
    Thank u for providing this review and pics.
    Btw I'm ur new follower, hope u like to follow me back. I'm at:
    thank u^^

  6. ^_^ hello.. thanks for drop by...

  7. eh, ini kok transparan ya? I think it's tinted lipbalm >,< soalnya pernah liat di blog orang luar gitu, baby lips tu ada macem2 warnanya, tapi sheer gitu....ini udah ada di Indonesia nggak sih? Susah banget carinya. Thanks for sharing!

  8. iya ini transparan dan uda available di Indonesia, kayaknya beda versi sama yang luar .. aku juga taunya yang luar itu tinted lipbalm ^^ coba cari di supermarket besar deh :) happy hunting

  9. thanks for sharing... kepikiran mo beli ini tapi ke tunda tunda mulu. skr jadi yakin kl harus beli :D

  10. ^_^ worthed kok untuk harga segitu hehehe


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