November 20, 2012

Review : New Lux White Collection

It's pretty cloudy lately in Jakarta. It's raining almost everyday. @_@ So sometimes I love to spent a little time to cheer up my mood in the morning or even just to relax myself after a long tiring day. :) One of my favorite time to pamper myself is my happy bath time. :D

So this is my favorite body wash at the moment from LUX. The New White Collection. 


I was given these two from the previous LUX event :)

As you can see, White Glamour comes with a milky white color with purple granules inside. :) It has a strong flower scent which I love so much. White Radiance comes with a transparent with gold sparkles inside and has a milder scent in my opinion. :) .

It will be more fun if you use a shower puff to create more foam. I love to do that since I was small! I always feel like 'bintang iklan' when I took a shower with a shower puff LOL. After having a good bath time, I feel refreshed and recharged again. Don't you think the same?

I'm personally love the LUX White Glamour since I love more fragrance in my toiletries products. But actually, I love both of them. I had been using LUX body wash since I was a little LOL. I was thinking that I could turn into like the LUX's ambassador if I use LUX body wash. *laugh on my lame thoughts* 

And by the way, don't forget to follow Lux Share Moment Berkilaumu and get 1000 Preciosa Necklace! Check their FB page here for more information. 

So, what are you doing in your bath time? :D 

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