November 21, 2012

[Sponsored] Say Goodbye to Unwanted Hair with ZAP

Few weeks ago, I was invited by ZAP to try on their hair removal treatment. :) Of course I was so excited. Actually, I don't have thick hair on my arm or legs. T_T But there are some 'visible' hair on my underarm and it was so annoying if I have to shave, wax every time I wanna wear sleeveless clothes. 

ZAP is the specialist in permanent hair removal treatment using technology that has been very popular in Australia, Singapore, and other countries. ZAP uses the most advanced tecnhology in today's world market for removing 'unwanted hair' quicky, safely, and pain-free. -Quoted from ZAP Official Site 

On my way to ZAP. No traffic but got lost because of car free day and my smartass thoughts LOL. We've passed ZAP for about 3 times I guess?  And do you know that ZAP has just opened ZAP Cafe ? Since I and Pat love cafe so much, he agreed to wait at the cafe while I'm having my treatment. So a win win solution for us hahaha :p

Finally we're there!
 ZAP Permanent Hair Removal is located on the 2nd floor while ZAP Cafe is on the 1st floor. Will talk more about the cafe ;).

Back with the treatment. This is my therapist, Mbak Ita. :) She's really nice and kindly explain about  the procedure before the treatment begin. ZAP treatment can overwhelm  black or dark colored hair.  But light colored hair such as blonde and red hair can't be removed with ZAP treatment. I think it's not a big problem since ZAP targets for Asian markets and almost all Asian are having a dark hair color, right?

Going to the treatment room ~~

And here it is... the treatment room :D. Not really big but very neat. Plus they got an ipod in the corner. So the treatment won't be boresome. ;)

Mbak Ita is getting ready and serve you with a smile :D I'm so pleased with her hospitality.

 Before treatment, we will pleased to change our clothes with a tube top that they had prepared. :3

By the way, I will post 'inappropriate' photos for some people. D: Well but I think it's much better to explain with pictures right? >________< Please don't think bad about it, I just wanna show you about the ZAP-ing process clearly.

First of all, the therapist marked a line around my armpit area. Why? To prevent shaving the wrong area. Shaving should be done carefully. She said that if we shave carelessly and shaved the other hair that shouldn't be shaved... they could grow thicker! Means more underarm hair! BIG NO!

Then she begin to shave carefully. She said that I only have a little amount of hair and it's probably because of the right way to shave. Well in fact I don't really often do shaving. She also suggest me a good way to shave. Shave in one direction always! Wrong technique in shaving could make more hair grow. Okay then noted. :)

After finished shaving, she pour some aftershave lotion.

So... I'm ready for ZAP-ing!

An icy blue gel was applied on the area that will be treated.

And ZAP-ing!
  Kinda remind me with USG I don't know why hahaha. Perhaps it's because I saw my mom's USG when I was a child. 

It's painless. The therapist will adjust the machine's power until it stings your skin. Why? Because it means it had reached the right power to remove your hair. :) Don't worry, it won't make you shed a tears la. Waxing is way more painful than this.. TT_TT  And surprisingly  it's really fast. I think it's only take around 15 minutes or less. When I was coming down, Pat even asked,"Finished already?" 

DONT'S after treatment
(-) Don't do any heavy activity that will make you sweat a lot
(-) Don't bathe with a warm water
(-) Avoid sunrays  

The therapist said after 2 weeks I could already see that the hair will start falling out and grow much more thinner than before. And it's only about one week and I'd already seen the results. o_o So yeah, I'm really amazed. The price for each underarm treatment is Rp 250.000,00. You will pay less if you're taking 5 treatment in a go. :) Pretty expensive but I think that's pretty even since I have seen the difference already in my first session. Remember the results will vary depends on your hormones and hair growth.

They even give me a card to record my ZAP treatment :D. How nice!

I'd promised with the cafe view before, right? So here it is..

The cafe is pretty spacious and Pat really loves it .O_O It's pretty weird since he's quite noisy if I take him to a place that he doesn't like. But here is he, sit nicely with his notebook like a boy with a game LOL.

Vanilla blended if I'm not wrong. Pat's choice. I only drank a little before treatment and it's gone after I finished TT_TT. Pat drank it all

 Little camwhore time~

Interested to try?

ZAP South Jakarta
Jl. Woltermonginsidi No.14E
Kebayoran Baru,
Jakarta Selatan
Telp. (021)-71500007, (021)-7206333

Thanks to ZAP for inviting me. I'm really satisfied and will be back for sure ;) If you're interested you can browse through their site at for more information. I suggested you to make an appointment with ZAP first. Their staff will help you for sure ;)


  1. For how long this treatment will remain effective?, i would love to try this only if it can remove unwanted hair completely.

    1. I'm not really sure because the effect could be different depends on your hormones, etc. :) But as far as I know, the effect could remain for several years


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