November 15, 2012

New Revlon Photoready Airbrush Foundation and Color Correcting Primer

:3 Do you still remember about  Revlon New Photoready Collection that I posted earlier? They're here already!

I  only swatched them once and test the product on my hand, so this is a perfect time to test them out.

Revlon Photoready Color Correcting Primer

Revlon comes with two different type of primer which Color Correcting Primer and Perfecting Primer. The Color Correcting Primer is in lilac color and the Perfecting Primer is in slightly pinkish color.

The bottle is made from sturdy glass. So make sure you don't drop it by any chance. 

The texture is quite light and can be blended easily. I even doesn't feel any silicone barrier on my face just like most of primer does. So it's a plus. It helps the foundation stays longer and I'm quite satisfied with the product. The only flaw is it doesn't really work as a color corrector. It dries into a transparent layer when you blend it.

If you wanna find a real color correcting primer, you might wanna skip this. But as for me, it has a great quality for a drugstore product. So totally recommended to buy if you need any primer. :)

Revlon Airbrush Foundation
It comes in 5 different shade. And I got the darkest shade. :\ I was kinda disappointed. But I think it's okay considering I have so many foundation with fairer shade. I can mix it or use it for tan look. :3

Okay I still couldn't know how to control the button nicely. I always ended up with too much product or too little. :/ this is kinda bothering me sometimes.

See the bubbly foundie? Cute isn't it?? ;) 

Not so different, huh? Well but actually I look more tanned in the right photo. 

The texture is quite light with sheer until medium coverage.Well it doesn't lighten up my face like I usually do. But it doesn't make my face looks dull too. It can be used for daily basis and stays all day long if you're doing indoor activity. The foundation also smells weird o_o I don't know why, but the smells isn't as bad as the DNA Age Defying one.

The other bad thing is the foundation is transferable. It could easily stain your white shirt or melt when the weather is extremely hot. I was wearing this foundation on a super sunny day, and it's staining all over my tissue TT_TT ... gosh why the weather is so hot in here.

-Available in all Revlon Counters

-Weird fragrance

I love how the primer works! It makes my make-up glides on really smooth. I don't really need a color correcting primer too though, so it works just fine for me.

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