November 22, 2012

All You Can Eat at Standing Sushi Bar

I was drowned with my internship and also assignment. I think I will continue working at my current office to gain more money for the sake of my laptop! I even get lack of rest. T_T I still haven't used with my new routine and straightly off to bed after office hour. Hopefully I could manage my time to blog again soon. I feel like left behind already D:

So for those food junkie outside there, you might sit properly because I'm going to review a new sushi resto that I visited with my office mates lately. :D

It will cost each person around Rp 100.000,00 for All You Can Eat (AYCE) included drinks (ocha/green tea). :3 Pretty affordable right?

And for your information, we're going here for LUNCH!

They got a wide range of Japanese food. Let's say robatayaki, donburi, udon, ramen, soba, and so on.

 We order a lot! LOL.

This one is my favorite. Feel so heavenly. It melts in my mouth!

EAT until you can't move LOL!

My last order. Everyone has stopped eating already and they're looking at me as if I'm eating the most T___T Sushi is just too damn good! *bye-bye diet*

Unfortunately, sashimi aren't included in the AYCE. They have a special list for the AYCE so I think for those who love to eat sashimi might wanna skip this. :) But overall, they have so many sushi option to choose. Even for those who dislike to eat raw fish. :3 They also serve ala carte menu but well it will be much more expensive compared to the AYCE. For all Poke Sushi lovers, well don't raise your hopes high LOL. I was somehow pretty disappointed when I can't order sashimi and chawanmushi T_T. But again, yeah it's way more cheaper than Poke Sushi, so can't complain la. Hahahaha.

La Piazza Kelapa Gading
1st Floor Unit 3B1
Jakarta 12440

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