November 23, 2012

Review : Lip on Lip Pure Lips and Watercolor

Dry and chappy lips? A BIG NO! I was concerned about dry lips lately and addicted with lipbalm ever since. My mother always yelled at me to drink more water after seeing my dry lips. D: My lipstick also can't glides smoothly on my flaky lips. -_- so yeah I need to do something.

I was given two lipbalm products from Rohto. :)

New nourishing lipstick with Active Aquasphere. It contains Meadowfoam Seed Oil to keep your lips moisturized and also Soft Active Shine ingredients to keep your lips beautiful. It also contains UV protector and vitamin E. 

I got mine in Strawberry red! They come in 4 different variant.

Love the sleek packaging. Saves more place!

Lip on Lip Pure Lips is a nourishing lip balm with new innovation ingredients, food grade ingredients and Beeswax. It also contains Shea Butter Oil, Almond Oil Jojoba Oil, and Aloe Vera extract to keep your lips moisturized. Grape Seed Oil and Vitamin E was added as an antioxidant to keep your lips healthy.


Unfortunately, I found out that Pure Lips has an unpleasant smell like 'minyak tawon'. :/ So yeah, not really recommending this even it has a good moisture properties.

Lip on Lip Watercolor looks like a sheer tinted lipbalm  for me. Even after several swipes the color is really sheer. Good for daily use. But I prefer no color lipbalm for my daily use. And it's not moisturizing enough  for my super dry lips. I think it will be good if Lip on Lip Watercolor has a really good moisturizer properties as I found in Lip on Lip Pure Lips.

 It's me wearing Lip on Lip Watercolor.

Well, I still prefer my Baby Lips though. But for those who aiming for tinted lipbalm, this isn't a bad choice too. :) 

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