February 5, 2013

Review : Eye Candy Belle in Honey

I'm back with another lens review. Actually I was searching for a new lens and Margaret Yennyca suddenly tagged me in her Eye Candy lens review... and omg! Looks so good and natural!!
Not lying..so natural!

Honestly I'm not familiar with this brand at the first place. Not until I saw Margy's review and how much she loves Eye Candy lenses. When I saw her photo, I feel like,"I have to buy these lens too"!!! LOL

 I bought my lens at Dreamie Chuppa when they are having a special price for a pair of EOS and Candy Eye. Since I never tried on EOS lenses too, so why not give it a try too?

This cute little pig come along with the package as a gift ... <3 how sweet..

Diameter : 14.50 mm
Base Curve : 8.60
CT : 0.025 mm
Water Content : 48%
Silicone Hydrogel
Made in Korea

In the first trial, I found out one of the lens is totally uncomfortable. It makes my sight turned out blurry while the other lens is just fine. :( It also makes me eye red. I was so disappointed. T ^ T  I rested my eyes for several days before I wear them again. #nevergiveup..

 Well thankfully after few more trials, both of them are comfortable now. I don't know why because I've never experienced something like this before. It might be my eye condition isn't really good at the moment, or I haven't soaked the lens properly. There are so many possibilities.

But now it feels SUPER COMFORTABLE! The lens is very thin, probably the thinnest lens I've ever tried and I feel like wear nothing. This is really comfortable for everyday use <3. However, it's easily get dried especially in air conditioned room.

It doesn't have a super enlargement effect like my Geo Grang Grang does, but I love it because I can wear it alone without make-up (small eye, remember?). I usually don't get along well with most of brown lenses, but this one blends nicely with my origin eye color.

And now I've been saving for another Eye Candy lenses LOL.. They have a lot of unique design which is colorful but also wearable for daily. <3 You will know what I mean when you browse through their collection. I think I will try their grey lenses later.

More photos!! 

<3 mad love these lenses!! *_*

This super cute cape was made by Vheii... I borrowed it from her. <3 It's so fluffy I'm gonna dieee!!!!

If you're interested to buy Eye Candy lens, you can buy it from Dreamie Chuppa. The shipping is really fast and the package is wrapped safely with layers of bubble wrap. So no need to worry. ;) The owner is also really kind and you can ask her if you have any question before you buy. Don't forget to check out their facebook page to see the latest deals.

 I'll  review the EOS Jewelry Blue lens soon, so please kindly wait for it. 


  1. aku juga pengen yang abu gab.. aaaa xD
    btw km ganti template yaa? hihi :D

    1. iyaa... ce Yennyca pake abu bagusss.. trus kemaren ini Shella pake birunya bagus jugaaa D: bagus semuaaaa

      hahah udah lama ni templatenya buat natal, mo diganti ga ada waktu >_<


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