February 13, 2013

Get ready with Sweet Valentine Look

Having a special date on Valentine's Day? Or maybe another going out with best friends? But still confused about your outfit and make-up?? Not really an expert with make-up? Don't worry. ;) You don't have to be an expert to have a glam look. Make-up isn't as complicated as you think.

Less is more. So I will share about a simple, quick, and easy makeup tutorial :D 

Shall we start?

1. Prepare your face with primer,BB Cream, foundation, concealer, and turn your face into a smooth canvas. :D *super important step*

2. Move on to the eye make-up.You can put on eye primer to make the eye make-up stays longer. Pick on your favorite brown pencil eyeliner or gel liner. Line your upper lid and SMUDGE it!

Pretty easy right?

Actually you can use any color that you like such as dark blue, light blue, purple, or even gold for more glam look. Just use the color that you're comfortable with.

So this is the final results

3. You can build the color more with brown eyeshadows. And after you finish it, line your upper lid again to emphasize a bigger eye illusion.

 4. Coat your eyelashes with mascara. Natural false lashes 

5.Shading.. shading.. is a must for those who has a chubby face and flat nose like me LOL.

6. Put on baby pink blush on and also pink lipstick, liptint, or even lipgloss to give a fresh look :3 I prefer to use liptint nowadays. Looks much more natural.

and.. you're DONE!

 I only need lees than 15 minutes to do all of this and I believe everybody could do the same. ;)

My boyfriend dislike any bold make-up, so I only put on natural make-up like this when I'm going with him He was the one that said about LESS IS MORE. So don't be afraid, girls. Sometimes guys loves a girl with her natural look. That's why I think a simple make-up would be enough to enhance your beauty. You can also style your hair with a cute ribbon hairband or curl it a little bit :D You're ready to go!

And if you're wondering about where to find your Valentine's oufit and make-up, you can simply visit  Zalora. since they bring so many fashion outfits and also make-up . For someone who doesn't have much time for shopping around, online shopping is such a paradise.<3

Enjoy your Valentine, everyone! <3


  1. uber cute,sepintas mukanya mirip salah satu personel cherrybelle... :)

    1. ahahah masa sih?? thanks for your compliment ya dear ;)

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    aku ngadain blog sale.. visit.. :3

  3. FOTD nya sweet bnget... :)
    im ur new follower btw.. follback yah klo g kberatan.. thanks ^^



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