February 6, 2013

Review : Skin Aqua

Sun rays is a BIG ENEMY! At least that's how do I feel when I have to fight against UV rays that make my skin looks dull and uneven. T_T  That's why we need a sunscreen!

These are the samples given by SkinAqua.

They come up in 4 different variant.
UV Moisture Gel for Normal to Oily Skin
UV Mild Milk for Dry to Sensitive Skin
UV Whitening Milk for Lightening and Moisturizing 
UV Moisture Milk for Longer UV Protection

Each of them has a different consistency. As you can see in the image below.

Honestly, I love their super light texture. It absorbed into your skin just like a moisturizer without any greasy feeling. It also hydrates my skin nicely.But I don't know why, it breaks me out so bad. T ^ T I even has tried to use it alone without any moisturizer but still... It breaks me out. Although I love it so much, the part that it break me out can't be helped and make step aside from this product. <\3

Still a long journey to find a suitable sunscreen for me :(  What about you?


  1. aww, too bad that this break you out =( I think I'll skip this too as I'm afraid that it would break me out too >_<

    1. yeah :( it's a really nice sunscreen actually..


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