February 8, 2013

Review : Holika Holika Luminous Silk in #1 Light Beige

I'm back with my BB Cream addiction. As I'm not a really foundation girl, I prefer to use BB cream instead. And I've been stick with my Aloe BB cream for about 2 years. So I think it's time to move on another products! My friend, Rini, suggest me to buy this. Since it has a pretty packaging (LOL.. it is so important to have a beautiful packaging laaa).. so yeah, I bought it straightly xD

Let's see whether it could impress me or not. 

I'm pretty surprised when I saw the tube is covered with a silk cloth and not a sticker just like other BB cream usually comes with. They also got a beautiful lace pattern printed on it. 

Feels so classy and girly at the same time.  Beware! There are lots of photos are coming LOL since it's really beautiful
Backside. Everything are written in Korean so I don't understand at all LOL.

I got mine in #01 Light Beige. And see that it got SPF 42  PA +++! Another love from this BB Cream.

Let's see if it performs as good as how it looks.

It comes in a pump type. A single pump or two would be enough for entire face.

The texture is really light and blends easily into your skin. <3 You can apply it with your finger, brush, or even sponge. I'm personally prefer to use brush because the results is neater. But you can use any methods that's comfortable with you :D

It's kinda fairer than my skin at first. But after few minutes, the color blends naturally with my skin color and giving a brighter complexion since my face is slightly darker than the rest of my body. Considering that BB cream tends to oxidize, I always buy a lighter shade for BB cream.

 The coverage is sheer to medium for me. You can build the coverage by layering it. But please do remember that this BB cream contains high SPF which could expose a horrible whitecast on your face. Especially if you're putting too much layer of it. So I suggest not to layer it too much.You can use concealer to get more coverage.

The finishing result is in between glowy and matte. This is the first time I feel that I don't have to set my BB cream with loose powder. But yeah since I got a combination skin, I feel like I have to set everything on my face with powder LOL.

 With minimum make-up on <3

It stays all day long when I'm doing my indoor activity. But it fades easily when I'm sweating a lot or doing any outdoor activity. Remmember to pat your face gently and DO NOT RUB! You can simply touch it up with powder. Oil control is pretty good as well, but still need to blot after several hours.


-Nice coverage
-Light texture
- Affordable price


Started to love Holika Holika products!

I think this BB cream is  more suitable for those who are doing indoor activity although it has a high SPF. Since I'm hanging around in the office a lot now, it suits me perfectly. Unfortunately, this one can't be used for both indoor and outdoor activity. I still need another BB cream that couldn't easily fade by sweat and heat. And now I'm thinking to try on their Aqua Petit Jelly BB Cream since it has a lower SPF (no whitecast!) and also suitable for oily skin!! <3

Thanks for reading ladies ;)


  1. Cute banget packaging nya Gab... And it looks great on your skin too, love the last 2 photos :)


    1. Iya packagingnya cute bangett.. x) thanksss for the compliment..

  2. belum pernah cobain holika holika gab, reviewmu menggoda
    fotonya juga imut looks like hwang jung eum di cf nya peripera >.<


    1. ayo coba jugaaaa ^_____________^ hihihi makasih yaaa <3*hugs*

  3. ohhh, looks super nice!! it instantly brighten up skin ^_~

    1. yep.. but I think it's also because I choose a lighter shade :)

  4. buat combination skin gmna? tambah bikin oily kah? di kulit kamu bikin jd jerawatan gk??

    1. engga sih.. cuma lebih gampang fade kalo oily skin, terutama di bagian hidung yah kalo aku... sejauh ini aku nggak jerawatan pake ini ^^

  5. Love love love your hair!
    Much love,

  6. haiii salam kenal sis^^
    reviewnya sangat menggoda iman >.<

    kira2 kalau dibandingin sama lioele dalam hal oil control lebih bagus mana yah???

    1. hihihi iya sukses meracun yahh... aku belum pernah pakai lioele jadi ga bisa bandingin ^^..

  7. was it luminious at all? any shimmer, glow, or give you a multidimensional look?

  8. it looks good on you, but did not work so well for me...

    Here is my review if someone want to see from another perspective :


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