February 4, 2013

[Sponsored] Review : Sampar Glamour Shots Series

Have you experiencing a bad 'face' day? During exams, my face could looks seriously awful. Lack of sleep, dull skin, uneven skintone, super bad dark circle ... you named it. D:  And my mom always says that I looks like a zombie when I don't have enough rest.. 

Yeap I bet everybody know how does it feels. That's why sometimes I cheated with make-up LOL but the problem is I still need more time to do a good make-up. So what if I said, there's another solution to change your looks from 'awful' into 'wonderful' in an instant??

So I would like to introduce about... SAMPAR SKINCARE!
SAMPAR sent these products for review purposes and I'm really excited to know how does it works.

As we're living in the big cities, we have to deals with polution (Jakarta .. you named it!) which is very very bad for our skin. That's why Sampar comes with Urban Advance Complex that could restore and protect our skin from pollution and free radicals in urban city.

Sampar also proudly announce the newest COSMAKEUP concept. What does it mean?? COSMAKEUP deliver new experience and the result of makeup with the simplicity of skin care. Imagine that you're only using your skincare but you can achieve the perfect look as good as if you're wearing makeup???

Sounds really promising right??

Okay enough said! Let's go straight on to the products.

The samples that I got comes in a super mini tube with a strap. So you can hang it and easily bring it everywhere. The applicator is pretty fine, you can easily dot the products on your hand or straight under your  eye area.

The texture is pretty easy to blend and smells like fermented stuffs. Not really fancy the fragrance and it doesn't bother me a lot.

 Glamour Shot Eyes claimed that it could reduce wrinkles, dark circle, and puffiness in 1 minute. o_o 1 minute!!! Can you just believe that? Let's see!

No photoshop. No foundation. No concealers. I also only adjust the brightness level so the lighting for both of picture looks equal.

As you can see, I got a noticeable dark circle before and it has been reduced after usage. So I'm quite impressed. If I'm not wearing any make-up,adding concealer on will make my face look kinda fake. This is way more simple than concealer although I'm not sure it could works on super bad dark circle. 


A really nice illustration!

What does it claim?
Instantly minimizes wrinkles and imperfections while matifying the complexion.

The texture is kinda jelly-like. Blends out nicely on your skin just like applying lotion on your face. And I only need a small amount of products for all over my face. 


MIB Complex - Helps eliminate puffiness and dark circles.
HQA Microlens - The newest generation of soft focus, fill in furrows and lines so that light is reflected off the skin homogenously, visually erasing imperfections and illuminating the eye area
Oat Extract - Provides an optimal and immediate lifting effect
Encapsuled Hyaluronic Acid - Enables targeting of wrinkles and fine lines from within and plumps the eye contour for a long term anti wrinkles action.

Let's test it out.
As you can see, my face is dull and having a big issue about uneven skintone. You can also notice that my face is slightly darker than my body. 

After I put the products on....


I was like... I can't believe it until I see my photo afterwards. Even with a super light lighting, my uneven skintone is usually exposed clearly. But it does a really good job in making a bright complexion as if I'm having a super nice skin. A nice silky-matte finish. 8D no cheating! I even didn't wear any powder. 

Can't stop camwhoring afterwards then!

I'm really impressed with the Glamour Shot. And since this is a high end brand, the price itself is quite expensive. But you'd seen the results on me already, right? So I think it's a worth-to-buy products. If I have more money, I'll probably have this one in a full size. <3 so much love!  

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