July 30, 2013

Experiencing BliV Skincare

Hi everyone :D

One of the reason that I didn't blog for months lately (besides doing my thesis) is because of this...

I look totally HORRIBLE -_-

I don't know why but there are times when my face is getting really sensitive. Even when I'm not changing any of my skincare regime. :/ New acne is coming everyday and I was having no time at all to pay more attention for it. I was really afraid if it continued and make my face even worse T ^ T .Until one day, the PR of b.liv contacted me by e-mail if I might be interested to try on their skincare products or not. I was really expecting a great results through their products.

And here they are... b.liv is really generous for giving me fullsized product to be reviewed.
I really really had a big expectation.

1. B.LIV NO SPOTS BYE DOTS (Blemish Cleansing Gel)

The cleanser comes in gel form which is quite new for me as I never tried any gel cleanser before. It is packed inside a bottle made from plastic. Pretty safe if I dropped it accidentally (but so far I havent't).

Nett. 130 ml
Price $28

And it has a pump to get the product out <3 Hygienic and easy to use. I only need to remove the clip under the pump, use it, and put the clip back. :)

You only need 1-1.5 pump to cleanse the entire face :D
 It's really gentle and I started to notice the difference in my first week using this cleanser. :) It helps to calm down and prevent any acne to sit on my skin. My skin feels moist without any tight feeling after usage. The only thing that might bothering you is the fragrance. It's quite strong so I don't really recommend these for those who have an allergic towards fragranced skincare. But after few times usage, I'd get used to it and it's no longer a big matter for me.

 2. B.LIV OFF WITH THOSE HEADS (Blackheads Sebum Gel)
Blackheads! One of my biggest enemy that I could never get rid of. 

Nett 30 ml
Price $49

It comes in plastic bottle with a pump and quite tiny so you can bring it along when travelling. 
Comes in a light clear gel that can be spread easily. It turn into watery texture and then absorbed quickly into the skin. And I must said I was quite impressive with the results. I usually didn't see any difference in any blackhead removers product. Not even in pore-pack. But after using this for a month, I could see that it reduce my blackhead gradually.

It is not completely gone but less visible :) This is the first blackhead products that works on me.

3. B.LIV SPOTS GOT SHOTS (Blemish Treatment Serum)
The next product is the blemish treatment serum. 

Nett 15 ml
Price $25

The texture is creamy yet watery. This serum could help to calm and reduce acne. :D Works well without any itchy feeling or harsh peeling effect which some acne medication does. It doesn't magically make your acne disappear within a night, but it takes around 3-4 days depending on your skin condition. I guess there aren't any products that could make your acne completely gone in a night. So it's normal for me :)

 But it has the weirdest scent I ever smell LOL! It smells like 'sterile' (imagine hospital!) in the beginning, but later it turned out to be something that I cannot describe hahaha. But still works well although it has a weird scent LOL.

 4. B.LIV KICK SPOTS OUT (Intensive Treatment Mask)

The last thing is the facial mask <3

Price $32/box (each box contains 7 sheet masks)

As you can see, the essence might not be as many as other mask, but I just love it. Why? Because if it contains too many essence, when I put it on my face, the essence will be drip where and make such a mess. 

Let the mask sit still on your face for 2-30 minutes

and do something interesting maybe?

No dripping at all! The mask sheet is not too thin or thick. And I feel so refreshed after using this mask although I didn't see an obvious results after using it. It might need several usage to see the difference but it doesn't break me out :D After you took it off, gently pat the rest of the essence with your finger

In the first week using b.liv skincare, I could see that my acne is reducing and not coming as much as before. I also didn't experience any breakouts. Then after a month, the amount of acne is reduced significantly. 

And this is me after 2 months using Bliv.
What do you think? ;)

So, I'm really satisfied with all these products! :D They worked super nice on me and helped me to achieve my smooth skin back! <3 Love them very much. I'm personally think that the price itself might be quite expensive for student budget. But you get what you paid :D In several condition (i.e you are having many breakouts or acne), don't mess around with your face by using untrusted skincare products.

If you're interested you can try to reach them by visiting their site

An extra story for you... 
Especially for those who are always wondering about international shippings

 Bliv PR told me when she sent the products and also provide me with the tracking number.The products came a little bit late and when I was checking on the delivery status.. it was postponed in Indonesia for about 1 week!-_- Moreover the expedition charged me around US$20 even after they write down the product as a gift. I don't know why but this is a big disadvantages and the main reason why we (Indonesians) rarely do any international shoppings. Probably in the future, they can help to deliver the products to their customer without any additional fee. Although I know -_- it's just our country sucks and always make us gone through hard condition regarding taxes and so on. 

Anyone would like to share about how did you fight with acne?? :)

bliv PR has just told me a good news for all my readers! You will no longer having difficulty to purchase bliv products because Beautylicious Online is selling bliv products in Indonesia and it means you don't have to deal with those taxes matter like I did! :D So if anyone interested to buy, you can visit Beautylicious Online and get them :D


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