November 3, 2013

Nestle Fitnesse Challenge - 14 Day Update

Okay so this is the late update for my Fitnesse 14 Day Challenge. I'd actually finished the challenge last week and here's the result. 

I'd finally succeed lost 2 kg while Pat lost 5 kg. o.o Okay it you might not notice the difference, but everybody seriously compliments Pat because his tummy is not as big as before (even my mom said so LOL).

I think it works way faster on people with BMI over 23. Well, I'm personally think that this is one of the fun way to lose weight. It's hard in the beginning I know, but once you're used to it, you will used to control what do you eat. For example, I rarely eat like a starving people since I manage what I eat in these two weeks.

Both of us are still consuming this especially for dinner substitutes although the challenge has ended. Because we're both agree that it make our tummy full without eating a huge dinner >.< Every time we're feeling hungry at night, we grab this Nestle Fitnesse to eat. For those who are interested with this challenge, read my previous post and let's be healthy together ^.^. 


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