November 4, 2013

Review : Face Mask from Serambi Botani

I was dropping by at this shop when I visited Artha Gading Mall long time ago. My friend was pretty interested to look inside and she found this mask. She asked me to try the mask together and in the end we bought two of them home.

Serambi Botani is a shop that sells product that originally made by Institut Pertanian Bogor. I can sense the 'organics' feel that they offered just from their interiors.

Okay now back with the mask. Actually, it is a traditional powder mask and you need to mix it with rose water or mineral water (yes, the one that you use for drinking). I'm not really excited and kinda pessimistic with this mask at first.

I bought the Tomato and Bengkuang.

The packaging is supposed to be cute. They'd prepared two holes to attach a string and they would look like a mini paper bag. But in fact, there are only holes without string :/

My expectation went even lower after I see what's inside the pack.
I can't differ one to another though.. It looks just the same 

-_- you must be kidding. It looks like some packs of DRUG!

With all the bad things in the beginning, I still finally give it a try. And seriously having a hard time building the mask consistency. :/ not too thick and not too thin. This is the first time that I struggle a lot for a face mask.

After several trial with different consistency, I found out that it still looks thin on my face no matter why. But after it dries, you can see whether it's completely covering your entire face or not. Not forget to mention it has a really weird scent. It's actually non-fragrance but I smell something like flour thingy. I'm personally thing that it would be better if there's a little bit fragrance inside. Well it could help to make us feel relax, right? :3 


Let it sit around 15 minutes and you can start to wash your face. Another difficulties appear. It's pretty hard and can't be easily wiped unless you tap many water on your face. #another hardwork

But seriously.. don't judge a book by its cover..

After being washed, my face feels so silky smooth and I'm kinda addicted to use it again LOL! Besides all the bad thing that I'd mention before, the result isn't that bad. If you don't mind to go through the difficulties, it's not a bad choice to give it a try :)

- Silky smooth effect
- Doesn't break me out

- Super weird pack
- Horrible smell
- Hard to remove

Anyone ever heard about this mask before?


  1. eh gila ribet banget yak. itu makenya dikasih aer aja gab? :o
    jadi penasaran dan males juga tapi *ditabok

  2. hooh begitulah ... kaya masker bubuk gt pakenya dicampur aer sedikit, abis pake enak deh jadi lembut2 gimanaaa gitu hahaha cuma ya itu deh, repot + wanginya ga enak :(

  3. I'm not that familiar with the brand but I can totally relate with the difficulty to remove and hasstle application. Before I don't like this powder mask as it is very messy and PIA to remove but hey as long as it derives with nice results, we girls def will go for the *hardwork* lolz ^_~

  4. That's because it is a local product in my country... well, yes as long as it gives me a great result then I won't be bothered to do the hardwork hehehe :P


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