October 14, 2013

Let's Start 14 Day Challenge with Nestle Fitnesse

What comes in your mind when you have to lose some weight? Diet and workouts? As for me, diet was somehow torturing :/ I should limit my calories, count my meal carefully, avoid sweets, and so on. It is kinda troublesome to watch carefully of what I eat everyday. Especially if I'm busy, so I don't have time to cook my own meal. Well, it's kinda hard to find a affordable-healthy meal.

No matter how busy we are, I think it's important to pay attention on our health by having a balanced meal. You are what you eat. That's really true. Sometimes when I was still in college, I'm really busy and just eat anything that I could find nearby. Not to mention, unhealthy fries and sweets all the time. That's why sometimes I asked my mom to make me some meal, or sometimes I'd prepared something to eat the day before, so I only need to heat it in the next day. :) Many ways can be done for it. Not only to had a healthy body but also a nice figure as a bonus. Well, especially for women. We want to look good, right? ;) 

Therefore, I was tempted to join Nestle Fitnesse 14 Day Challenge.

Reason why? Because it's really easy. You just have to replace your breakfast and dinner with Nestle Fitnesse. Easy, right? No need to calculate the calories everyday and no need to eat plain food all the time. :D 

Nestle Fitnesse is a low fat cereal made from whole grain and contains enough calcium too. The rule of this 14 Day Challenge is super easy. You have to follow these rules in 14 days and track your record by submitting it on the provided apps. 

1. Daily Meal
 30g Nestle Fitnesse + 125ml low fat milk + fruits + tea/coffee

 Balanced meal with combination of carbs (rice), meat, vegetables, and dairy products.

30g Nestle Fitnesse + 125 ml low fat milk + low fat soup/yoghurt

Fruits/vegetables on your choice

30 gr equals half of small bowl (usually used for rice or soup) if you're too lazy to count. ;)


2. 30-minutes Work Outs
You can do the workouts anywhere. In the gym, in college. Even when you're walking, you're doing your workouts. I remember that in my college time, I spent around 30 minutes to walk on busway's super long bridge everyday and I feel that I'm not easily tired or sleepy then. You can also did it on your room. There are tons of workouts video tutorial nowadays. So try to move your body. :D 

It's pretty simple. :) So you don't have to worry or think about your breakfast or dinner menu everyday :P You could still enjoy your ordinary meal in lunch time though. Moreover, Nestle Fitnesse comes in two different variants, which is Original and Fruits, so you can eat them alternately. 

The Original variant comes with the whole grain cereal but they aren't plain at all. They still have a slight sweet taste. Compared to plain cornflakes that I ever had, this one tasted better.  :D 


Nestle Fitnesse Fruits had a mixture of dried fruit which added more flavour. I'm personally love this one since I had a sweet tooth hahaha. You can always mix some fresh fruits or yoghurt if you like, i.e chunks of bananas and slices of strawberries ;)

I love eating cereals since I was a kid and Nestle Fitnesse is a big help for my meal replacement. Well somehow if I come home late and tired, I could just grab this to fill my tummy :)

It is also recommended for people aged 18-50 with BMI (Body Mass Index) over 23 to join this challenge. You can count your BMI by using this formula

BMI =         weights (kg)        
            heights (m) x heights (m)

Well my BMI might not be over 23, but I think I still need to lose more weight because I wanna achieve a better figure.xD And I also drag Pat to join this challenge because he's totally need it!! Even without calculating his BMI, I'm sure that his BMI is definitely over 23. I'm personally pray for him that he could lose some weight lol.

I was really curious to find out if we could succeed this 14 Day Challenge or not. If you're interested to join, they're still running the challenge until 3 November 2013. You can visit here for more information. You can also win various prizes! :D
First winner will get a trip to Phuket for 2 person (1 winners)
Second winner will get a trip to Bali for 2 person (3 winners)
Third winner will get 32" LED TV (3 winners)

Okay.. now you get your motivation already, right?

Come and join Nestle Fitnesse 14 Day Challenge! Wish us luck ;)


  1. i will start now the 14 day challenge for nestle fitnesse cereal
    hope i can make it

  2. Good luck on the challenge, Claire! Hehehehe keep a positive mind that you can do it :D

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