November 22, 2013

Review Dr. Jart+ V7 Beauty Balm

BB Cream is one of makeup products that I used the most. Therefore, I stocked up several kinds of different BB Cream to be used in different occasion. Well I think it explain enough how I love using BB Cream than foundation. ;) I love how BB Cream could blend into your skin nicely and feels lighter on your skin for everyday use. 

Dr. Jart+ V7 Beauty Balm

This is the my first time trying on Dr. Jart+ BB Cream. Years ago, I was quite curious about this brand but I rarely saw any review about their products. :3 I got their lates BB Cream which is V7 Beauty Balm. V7 means seven vitamins are extracted in this product. It also claimed to have a perfect protection from UV/UB with a natural looking coverage.  Kinda excited to see how good this BB Cream could be.

The packaging is made from a plastic squeeze tube. It's really easy to control how much products that you need and more hygienic . 


It comes in one shade and has a light beige color which suitable for people with medium or fair skintone. But it blend into my skintone perfectly so I don't have any problem with it.

It has a really light and watery texture. You only need a tiny amout and it can be easily spread with your fingers. Suprisingly, it does provide  medium coverage. I think the coverage will be poor since the texture is kinda light.You can build up the coverage by layering it on some area that need more coverage. I don't recommend you to do many layers since it could make your face looks like wearing an opera makeup.

It looks white under strong lighting or flash lamp. I guess it's because this product has SPF properties. Actually, it looks really natural under natural lighting and blend really well into my skin. It also does a great job in reducing red marks and uneven skintone. My skin is getting brighter in an instant <3  It also could reduce dark spots or acne scars a little bit, but I suggest you to use a concealer for a better results. :)

You can leave it alone without any powder because it dries into matte finish. But you can set it with a darker shade powder if you think it is too light. Looks more natural now, right? :D

I love it! This is perfect for daily use with buidable coverage and UV protection. It feels really light and quite moisturizing too especially because the weather is getting cold (and wet) lately. Moreover, it doesn't break me out at all!! I'm so glad! xD I was kinda worry because sometimes BB Cream could break me out so bad. The staying power is also really nice even when you're into a super hot weather. Remember not to rub your face in such a hot condition, but tap it with gentle motion. The BB Cream will last longer on your face :)

Light and watery
Medium Coverage
Contains SPF

A little bit pricey

Have you tried any Dr. Jart+ products? I will review their skincare really soon ^.^


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