November 7, 2016

Unboxing Althea Beauty Box #2

No need to guess as the title says it all. Another Althea unboxing post <3 I am so excited because this time Althea Team hand-picked all the items for me. Let's dig-in.

This time, the package comes in a bigger box and apparently it was quite heavy. I started wondering what's actually inside the box. The first time I opened the box, I see this pink greeting cards with a big thank you message on it. Lovely. I think it is such a great improvement from Althea as I guess everyone loves a bit of personal touch, right?

As usual, all items are securely wrapped in separated bubble wrap and here it is. Well, does it looks like I got a bunch of baking ingredients? <3 Seriously too hard to resist. Thank you to Althea for picking all these adorable things for me.

 1. Tony Moly Egg Soap Special Set
The moment I tried to snatch open the plastic covers, a strong sweet fragrance lingering around me. These little eggs smells like heaven! I had read many good reviews about this product and finally had a chance to try on them now.

2. The Saem Choco Pie Hand Cream
Perhaps this is the most tempting item in the box. Seriously it is just too sweet and I don't have enough courage to tear open the wrapper. If I recall, I had a macaroon shaped lip product on my previous Althea box and I love it! Well, if you're having the same temptation, please kindly wait for another separated review for it.

3. Bubble Sugar Scrub
At first, I was thinking it would smells extremely sweet since it is obviously sugar cubes but apparently it comes with a fresh lemon scent. It looks like a real sugar cubes and I decided not to put this on my vanity table as I'm afraid someone would mistaken it as a real sugar cubes.

4. Onsaemeein Yogurt Peeling
Inspite of its adorable looks, this is actually the one hefty thing and the main reason why the box feels heavy. This yummy yoghurt also smells like heaven and contains quite a lot of products in it.

For those who have no idea about Althea, Althea is a e-commerce that sells a wide range of authentic korean beauty products at affordable prices. I could say the price is close enough compared to the counter price if you buy them directly at Korea. You can go directly to their site to check on their current promotion, especially when they're having free shipping. Make sure you don't miss it. Happy shopping!

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Which one should I review first? Please let me know in the comment section. 


  1. Aku kok ga pernah dpt kartu ucapan ya 😢 althea emang keren ya produknya banyak banget ☺️

    1. Mungkin baru akhir-akhir ini kali ce hehehe... Iya produknya banyak dan harganya juga terjangkau <3 Sering free ongkir pula xD

  2. <3 lovely pictures again! Can't wait to read your reviews about them, especially the cute egg shape soaps!

    1. Thank you so much, Tammy! I also love those eggs, they are too cute. Please kindly wait for the review then ;)


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