November 16, 2016

Klavuu Red Pearlsation Review

Still remember about a product that snatch my attention from Charis unboxing post? Klavuu Red Pearlsation. Yes, I mentioned this product back then and kinda curious since I have no idea about it. So let's find out.

At first, I was thinking it is either all in one base or lightweight moisturizer with extra sun protection. Well, apparently Klavuu Red Pearlsation is a sunscreen. I think there are some kind of new trend in sunscreen naming nowadays. I had heard some brands are using these terms for sunscreen, let's say skin defense or defencer. This is also my first time trying on Klavuu's product, thanks to Charis <3

Klavuu Red Pearlsation comes in a squeeze plastic tube packaging and a beautiful bold pink box. In a glance, the tube might seems ordinary but actually it has a beautiful matte finish which I love. Tube design is simple yet looks elegant for me. The tip of the tube was also previously sealed to ensure the products hygiene and prevents any leakage.

The texture itself is pretty unique. It has a creamy consistency at first but after you spread them all over your skin, it will turn a bit watery and could be absorbed quickly. Another thing to remember, I don't know why this sunscreen tends to be separated ,between the oil and the cream so don't forget to shake this product first before usage.

Unfortunately, my skin break out after several usage of this product therefore I am no longer using this on my face but for my body instead. If we're about to talk about its sun protection, I would say it does a really great job! I wear this sunscreen once to play at water park under strong sunlight on a sunny day and I got no sunburn at all! If you're interested to try on them, you can buy them from Charis.

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