November 14, 2016

Witch's Pouch Easy Drawing Gel Eyebrow Review

Here is one of an interesting item I got from Althea earlier this year. Witch's Pouch Easy Drawing Gel Eyebrow. If you notice, I rarely use any brow products since I have pretty thick natural brows. I know brows are extremely essentials but I only fill in my brows when I wear full makeup. I usually use dark brown eyeshadow to fill them in therefore when I saw this product on Althea, I'm pretty excited because at the moment gel brow was such a hype.

Witch's Pouch is another Korean Brand that I acknowledge from Althea. Most of their products are quite affordable and quite unusual in a good ways. This brow gel comes in a very convenient packaging and it is one of the reason why I am interested in the first place. It is kinda similar with the idea of gel eyeliner packaging which includes a brush as its applicator in it. It has two different openings, the white cap is to open the brush part while the brown one is the pot where the brow gel is placed.

Witch's Pouch Easy Drawing Gel Brow is available in two different color, Brown and Gray Brown. I choose Brown to match my hair color.

The brush itself is an angled brush type which is actually decent enough as an applicator although it was slightly too thick for my preference so it's kinda hard so create sharp and pointy edges. I would recommend you to use a brow pencil to do the outline but if you only need to fill in your brow with some color, the brush works just fine.

The gel pot is pretty small and somehow it is hard for me to see how much left inside the product. I need to precisely dip in the brush to get enough amount of product.

On my first try, I was expecting the color should be opaque but apparently the resulting color was very soft... then it hits me that it is a brow gel and not eyeliner, so the color pigmentation is actually nice and you can build them up if you're aiming for more opaque color. No need to worry that the color would be too bold as it could be hardly shown if you take too little products.

Staying power is long enough since it is gel based so it will not fade easily. Waterproof but the outer part tends to fade a little bit by the end of the day but overall, the color stays still on me for the entire day. This product could be a great option even for beginner as it is easy to use and you can bring it inside your pouch. I always bring them all the time since the first time I tried on them.

You can get this product for only Rp 79.000 at Althea. It is extremely cheap and I think it could last for quite a long time. If you're looking for a good alternative for brow gel product, you can try on this one.

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  1. Waah aku ga pernah cocok pake gel nih. Jadinya stick to eyebrow pencil. Padahal penasaran mau coba eyebrow gel ini :D

    1. Hehe ini juga aku baru pertama kali ini cobain gel. Rekomen banget sih buat fill alis, jauh lebih cepet dan nggak cepet hilang kalo nggak sengaja kekucek. Ayo cobain jugaa kak Titaz xD


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