October 29, 2012

Event Report : Skin Aqua Beauty Talk

Last week, I was invited by Skin Aqua to attend their beauty event at Tartine, FX.

Actually, Skin Aqua has been launched for a while in Indonesia, but do you know that Skin Aqua is different with sunblock?? :P If you don't know then you better continue reading.

My FOTD :D Viva Green Eyes!! 

We were pleased to do a skin check which is pretty scary for me. T_T the results isn't really good though, so I need to protect my skin more from UV rays!!!! UV rays, why are you so evil?
 The skin check machine is pretty cute hahaha... 

Ms Ditta, Mr. Fukura Akiyoshi, and Arinda Christy are on the stage for the talkshow. :D They explain about Skin Aqua and also the lastest Fall Beauty Trend. ;) Interesting!

So, what is the difference between Skin Aqua and ordinary sunblock or sunscreen? The answer is because Skin Aqua aren't only protecting our skin from sun rays but also helps to maintaining our skin texture with its upgraded Hyaluronic Acid. :D No wonder Skin Aqua's texture is way more lighter than the usual sunblock. Trust me, you will only feel like you're applying your moisturizer when you're using Skin Aqua. It's really amazing!

Credits : Skin Aqua Facebook Page

Skin Aqua comes in 4 different variants which is
-UV Moisture Milk with SPF 50 PA +++ (the highest SPF)
-UV Moisture Gel SPF 30 PA ++  (for oily skin)
-UV Mild Milk SPF 25 PA ++ (for sensitive skin)
- UV Whitening Milk SPF 20PA ++ (for whitening purposes)

Since Skin Aqua is more into skincare products, it is not waterproof and need to be re-applied after few hours depends on the SPF. :3 Well I guess most of sunscreen is waterproof and increasing the chance of clogging our pores, right?

Some Fall fashion guide ;)

We were also given a chance to try Lip on Lip products. :3 Protection for your lips! Lip on Lip is also carried by Rohto Laboratories.

Blogger's capture now!

Goodie bag! Will review them soon ;)

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  1. you guys are so lucky you have skin aqua there as we don't have it here~ I probably should check sasa on it...^_~


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