January 10, 2013

Event Report : SilkyGirl Pinklicious Nite with Gita Gutawa

Few weeks ago I was invited to SilkyGirl's latest product launching. It was raining so bad and I come over to Endi's house since we're planning to go to the venue together. *irit ongkos* So after fighting with rain and amazingly we're not late, ladies and gentlemen! We could sit for a while and take breath after a long journey.
The venue is pretty nice but it was pretty distant from the main street. D: 

And here is what I found on my table. 
Nicely arranged table. And as you can guess. There will be a beauty class! Endi is super excited and he even bring his brushes along!*beauty blogger teladan*

Not forget to camwhore!
I met Tia for the first time. :D new friend! It's been a while since I go to a beauty event. 

And then we're also pleased to enjoy the snacks. *yummy*

After finished our meal, the event began. The even starts with a prolog about SilkyGirl product which is aiming for teenage girls that are new to makeup. There's also Gita Gutawa,Silky Girl's brand ambassador,which is really beautiful and also talented <3. 

 The makeup artist start so quickly and I can't even follow it @_@. Beside when he was doing the eye make-up, it's impossible for me to see it although I'd sat on the front seat. 
Nevermind, SilkyGirl has prepared a paper with an instruction inside. Cheating is allowed LOL. We're learing about how to create a youthful smokey look. Well as for teenagers, they won't end up looks like adding 10 years on their face with heavy make-up like smokey eyes. But what if they wanna looks different? Maybe for a special party? That's the secret I'll be telling you later

So here I come!
Wiping all my eye make-up. Feel naked at the moment @_@

Open the box and found these babies
I was impressed by how kind SilkyGirl is for preparing a brand new product for each of us inside the box. 

Peeking some of the products here...
 Super love the gel liner! It glides smoothly and perfect <3!

And the results?

Do I look younger or not? xD

And do you realize the dot under my eye?? Okay I accidentally touch that area with the mascara wand and when I'm about to wipe it off, Endi said ..."NOOO!!! You look like Marilyn Monroe that way!" You must be joking la! But in the end I didn't wipe it off LOL.

After the beauty class ended, we're pleased to enjoy the dinner. And here's what are we waiting for. The latest product from Silky Girl. Ms Nisa is about to reveal it...

Silky Lips Magic Pink Lip Balm and Color Lip Balm!
Curious or not? ;) I'll be reviewing them later

SilkyGirl is kind enough to let us bring the beauty box home! So what the surprise is I will review the beauty box and also will re-make the Youthful Smokey Look tutorial for all of you! It will be such a boring post if I included all of them in here, so please wait patiently ;)

Thanks a lot to SilkyGirl! It's such a really pinklicious nite! 


  1. Waw produk barunya keliatan seruuu, jadi ingat babylips haha! Aku tunggu reviewnya~~ dan goodie bagnya asik banget tuh *envy* kkkk


    1. hehehe iyaaa :D ditunggu yaaa.. he eh silky girlnya generous sekali ;)

  2. aaaaaaa Gabby nyesel banget ga bisa dateng :'(

    1. gapapa.. nanti juga ada next2 event lagiii ;) ntar kita ketemuan lagii ya

  3. wow penasaran sama lip balmnya ^^
    you look so pretty gab :D nice post!

  4. Gabby~ Selalu suka ama event post lu. Padat, singkat dan jelas~ ^___^

    1. thanks for the compliment ce ^^ ... kangen ngobrol bareng cc lagi nihhh... >,<

  5. Waaaa, it's me here!

    I still giggle everytime I remember fake mole under your eye Gab, but yes, I guess no one will notice that it's fake unless they know it previously! :D


    1. iya dong udah foto2 kan harus dipajang ;D... well it's all because ENDIII *blame him before he comes* hahaha...


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