January 12, 2013

Sweet Escape to Bogor

At the end of 2012, Pat asked me to go and visit his friend at Bogor. Since I took a day off from the office and go to Bogor with him. He said we will visit Kebun Raya Bogor! Well, the first time we go there together was when we are going to do our yearbook photoshoot which was pretty awful back then LOL. 

So here we are!

Camwhoring at the car!
Super minimum make-up with SILKY GIRL! I love to use them for daily basis lately.

 Super love my sunglasses from Firmoo

 Why am I wearing cardigan? Well,in Indonesia, especially at Bogor, rain is unpredictable. It was raining so bad, 10 minutes afterward there's sunshine. :/ so better be prepared. I also bring raincoat, thick jacket, but not bringing an umbrella! *stupid*

The famous ISTANA BOGOR (Bogor Castle)! 

We aren't allowed to enter there since it wasn't a public place. So just take a picture from far away...

When I was visiting Kebun Raya Bogor 4 years back then, there supposed to be a giant tree. And now it's gone already T_T

Since Pat is pretty hungry already so we decide to fill our hungry stomach at cafe Dedaunan. I was thinking to go for traditional food out there but Pat is super duper hungry already and there's nothing could stop him from eating LOL.

What are you looking at??!

The view from Cafe Dedaunan is pretty awesome, because it is located on top of the main field. 

Here is the menu...Pretty expensive. 

My Fuyunghai.

Pat's Grilled Chicken.

Fried Banana.

I'm not impressed at all because it was sooo pricey and it doesn't taste special at all. Well at least a homemade cook could be much more better.:/ So better find a good place to eat before you go visit Kebun Raya Bogor.

A lot of photos!!! 

Didn't capture so many things at Kebun Raya because most of them are closed already such as Orchid House :/ So I decide to hunt for another interesting objects.
Red Dragonfly

LOTUS! OMG so big and beautiful!!
Pink Lotus
.. and more photos of mine LOL!

Looks so thin *_* magic!! Hahahaha

Feel so romantic when I walk through this street. 


This place won't be interesting if you're not a really nature fan. In example if you're having an allergy just like Pat, his neck is getting itchy after passing a big tree LOL. Well but thank you so much for bringing me here. I was a big fan of plant and nature place such as beach, mountain, and so on. Since this is a garden though, it might not be as fun as zoo. But it's a really good place to take a breath for our daily routine. I was fulfilled with new energy from the nature LOL.

On our way out, there are tons of cactus LOL. Seems like they are waving hand and saying good bye to us.

Last shot when we're heading home. The sunset was so damn beautiful :D

Have a nice day everyone :)


  1. aku belum pernah k kebun raya bogor.. >.<
    sayang itu pohon raksasa kenapa ditebang huhu..
    itu teratainya bagus banget, gede gituu <3
    Sunsetnya juga okeeee :3

    1. ayuk kapan2 kita rame2 kesanaaa xD cari makanan LOL... iy sayang bgt T_T hiks... mungkin udh tua kali ya atau pernah tumbang?? o_o btw thanks for the compliment...

  2. OMG Gab, your post is flooding with food pictures *_*

    And since I am a big fan for Fuyunghai, I can't help drooling looking at this! >_<

    1. aduh makanannya ga seenak keliatannya kokk.. -_- saosnya kek saos tomat diencerin... ga banget dah.. isi fuyunghainya sama kek taburannya.. swt.. sebagai fans fuyunghai, saya kecewaaaa!!! :(

  3. udah lama aku ga ke bogor :| dan ga pernah ke istana bogor hahaha
    wah ada fuyunghai..... aku suka banget itu hahahaha XD baca post ini malem-malem lagi hha

    1. hehehe bogor banyak makanan enakkk xD *drooolsss* iya aku juga pecinta fuyunghai


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