January 15, 2013

My 3rd Anniversary on Christmas Day

I was like super busy on December. Besides I was on my final exam, I also have two important events that can't be missed every year. Well, it's Pat's B'Day and our anniversary. Believe it or not, he set our anniversary on 25th December, just in case if he forget he will easily remember because it's right after his birthday wtf!!! So I need to prepare a present!! @_@

Some stupid pose of somebody that turns into 22... 
*Pat, if you read this, shame on youu LOL!!!! I told you to pose nicely already!*

And he said he wanna try once in his lifetime ... to bite the whole cake -_- 

And I decided to cook for him! <3 I made him a chicken steak because we run out of beef T_T .. served with mashed potato and mushroom sauce. It was a big success although it's my first LOL! He asked for more lately ~~

Because it was raining so bad, we spent his birthday by playing games and arrange the plan for tomorrow.

So, the next day was our anniversary! 25th December 2012!! We've been together for 3 years! I almost can't believe it. 

It's us LOL 3 years ago ... holding the holy present that he gave me at 25th December 2009. 

 And now here we are... 3 years afterwards...*touched*

We'd decided from a long time ago that we will go for all you can eat sushi. Because romantic restaurant is too expensive and won't make us satisfied... so we go to Poke Sushi! <3 Pretty good place with super good food. We love sushi very much!! 

Didn't order so many kinds of sushi but we re-order that sashimi for around 8-10 times if I'm not wrong LOL.

And in the end, I'm personally asked him to go back to the first place he took me... 3 years ago. 


The story behind it is pretty simple. I was in a super mood for pancake, but there aren't many pancake restos at the moment. So one day, he asked me to go to Pancious. After we order, I cannot stop staring at my beloved pancake and don't even care about anything else LOL!!!! Well the rest is a secret because lately he like to find out everything I wrote about him on my blog xD

Well, so here we are, after 3 years passed, we have never gone to Pancious anymore.  We're not really hungry because we ate enough at Pancious and I just wanna come to remember the old things, that's all! So when I wanna order the original pancake, Pat said there's a new menu there which is the crepe cake. Since we thought it's pretty interesting, we give it a try...

Original Crepe Cake
 Pat loves it but I don't really fancy this. The cakes is so soft and melts in your mouth, but I found out the butter on the cake is weird. When the butter is served with pancakes, it melts. But this cake is served cold and the butter cannot melt. I'm not a big fan of butter though .. Moreover, the cake is filled with butter cream already. So.. yeah :/ Not really suits my taste.

 The second choice goes to this Caramelized Banana Pancake if I'm not wrong. The reason is pretty simple as usual. It's the only fruit at the menu that Pat could eat. For your information, I could count what kind of fruits that he could eat with all my fingers LOL. So little laaa... Since I could eat any fruits, it doesn't really matter for me. T ^ T But I'm super curious with the berries honestly....

This one tasted pretty good. Pat also loves it!! The sweet caramel sauce with a hint of herbs smell and surprisingly the banana isn't sweet but slightly sour. It makes a perfect combination. <3

And here the funny things happened again... When waiting for our second pancakes served, a couple from the other table were ordering Spaghetti Marinara. And when the spaghetti was served, it was hot and smells SUPER DELICIOUS! We sat in the corner, so yeah we're trapped in MARINARA'S smell!!

Can't hold it any longer... so we order it immediately LOL!!!

Tasted super good! All the ingredients were fresh! We never eat any tomatoes before ... but we ate them all that night LOL! 

Pancious, I will come back for your pasta and pancake now!

Enough for the food thingy...Now I'm about to reveal about what did I do lately and keep me away from my blog... still remember this???

Well, I got a pretty weird habbit since I was a kid. I love to create a presents for someone special with my own hand. For my family, best-friends, and also for my boy <3
An illustration book inspired from HJ Love Story. Everybody who knows about my idea said it's so lovely and romantic. But since I know every book that I gave him will end up as a loner on the shelves or even worse than that (probable he will use it as a place mat for his laptop wtf), I must think about something else. 

And here the inspiration comes! I placed the book on a frame! So there are no reason to put it in the shelves or even use it as a mat LOL.

*what a super nice girlfriend I am... proud of myself*

He was amazed about how far did I think already because he admitted that he'll probably keep it in the drawer or bookshelves until it's gone -_-a

TONS of photos ahead. But please continue if you're interested :)

It is a story that started 3 years ago..

 Love is two people rowing a boat, where if you want to reach a destination bot people have to work together, if two people work against each other, the boat will go no where. If only one person does all the work, eventually they will be exhausted.  ~HJ Love Story

 Do you remember that we were once like this?

The first fireworks that we saw together and you said,"Let's go through another year together..."

 How much I love you can be said with a piece of chocolate cake :)

 No matter how hard it is, you're always there beside me.

 And I will never forget the first time you fooled me on April Fool. D:<

 You always said," It will be much more faster with motorbike laaa..." So we got our first red jacket matched :P

 Both of us could never really wake up early in the morning.. 

 We spent all day playing games and even forget to eat for the first time :D

I'm pretty impressed that you never forget about my birthday :)

 But still, we always fight for the last meat left LOL

 And I wonder how many times I told you to get ready...

 The moments of love that I will never understand 

But I'm glad I could pass another year with you again <3

 We fight like a married couple,
talk like best friends,
flirt like first loves,
protect each other like siblings
Face it! We're meant to be
Quoted from someone on Twitter. 


  1. aihh cute banget gambarnya hihi,semoga langgeng yahh


  2. Suka sama gambar2nya. Romantis2. Hihihihiy... :D.. Semoga langgeng yah, :)

    1. ahahah gambarnya ngga rapi.. thanks for the wishes :)

  3. aaaaaaa Gaby so sweet ^^
    gambarmu bagussssss >.<
    biar langgeng sampe married yaa :)

    1. hihihi makasih ya jess... :D kamu juga langgeng2 sama dom2

  4. waa Gaby, that's so cute!!

    God bless you for having such a talent in drawing :3


    1. my drawing skill isn't that good la.. hahaha thanks

  5. awwwww... that's soooooo cuteeeee and romantiiicccc.... =))
    congratulation 4 both of you...
    and your drawing skill is awesomeee!!!!

  6. you two are so cuteeee. keren deh kadonya >,<
    moga langgeng terus yah ^^

  7. cute bangettt drawings mu gabbyyy ^^
    smoga langgeng sampe selamanyaaa.. ;D
    happy belated anniversary for you both ^^


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