January 6, 2013

My Experience at Shunji Matsuo Hair Salon

On December, I was invited by Shunji Matsuo! A famous Japanese hair studio. I have no doubt in Japanese salon, since many of my friends that satisfied with Japanese salon and their services.They're opening a new branch in Lippo Kemang. So when I got their invitation, I was like... *waaaaaa* ~^o^~ so happy hahaha....

I was going there with Stella and we're stuck in traffic for about few hours but thanks God we've made it! South Jakarta area seems like a maze to me. No matter how many times I'd visited, I still got lost for many times. *my mapping skill is poor LOL*

Peeking inside...

Big mirror and SUPER NICE lighting eh? I didn't edit the photos at all but it turn out really good already. *jawdrops*

Looks so awful laaa... >_< Super tired face after exam! 

Get ready for my turn. At the moment, I was getting a free cut and blow services. :3 It would be better to make an appointment before you came to avoid long queue. 

Source : www.stellalee.net

Super comfy... I'm not lying! They even provide you a blanket to cover your lap when your hair is being washed. How nice <3!

The staff is also really nice. They asked you whether they should use warm or cold water to wash your hair. And I was having a problem with my scalp at the moment. T ^ T dandruff and itchy scalp because of trying on new shampoo. The staff  kindly recommend me a shampoo that could help me reduce them. The shampoo smells so heavenly with a fresh mint sensation and also creates a lot of soft foam. I don't remember the shampoo's name though but it is from Japan! He also massage my head gently  til I forget to capture any pictures LOL. Feels so relaxed. My scalp is also getting better in an instant. I was like super amazed with their products and technique! D:

Shunji Matsuo is also the first hair salon in Indonesia that using Carbonated Water System in all their treatment! Amazing right?

Get ready for cutting session.

The stylist that cut my hair is Miyuki-San. I told her to keep my hair long but I want more layers. So she come up with an idea to make the a straight layer unlike usual layers that goes from short to long. Each layer edges will be cut straight and not sharp edges. Imagine Japanese Princess hair in anime that have straight edges....Okay it's hard to explain LOL.

Halfway there


I never think it would be this good!  Miyuki-san also told me that I will look more mature if I divide my hair like that.

Looks perfect in all angle! It's really true that your hair style will affect a lot in your looks.

Camwhoring with Stella.  Blonde and black xD

Shunji Matsuo also use Japanese products. They carry in the products themselves to make sure their customer could get the best results.

Really nice and catchy design. <3 Love them. The hair mist smells so heavenly.

One of the star. Special Hair dryer from Sharp that could help to create a smoother hair surfaces compared to usual hair dryer. I was not a fan of hair dryer because they tend to make my hair dried out and not healthy. Well, but as you can see in the picture above. I even can't stop touching my hair! It's silky smooth and no tangled at all.

And this is Miyuki-san who has cut my hair!! If you wanna cut your hair here, look after her. She's really nice. She also could speak Indonesian, so you can consult about the hairstyle that you want. :D 
Source : www.stellalee.net
I'm pretty sure I was taking a photo with her but the photo just gone nowhere T ^ T, so I grab this photo from Stella to let you know who is Miyuki-san! She looks so cheerful and sooo 'japanese' right? xD

Last but not least.. here's the price list of Shunji Matsuo
I'm sooo curious with their coloring services. D: should save up more. It's pretty expensive, but after seeing the results... it's worth enough la. xD 

Okay.. okay last photo.
Cannot stop camwhoring hahaha.. Even without any special styling now, my hair still looks super nice in real life. <3 Probably wanna try to color my hair there. *need to save up more money too*

Thanks a lot to Shunji Matsuo Hair Studio. <3 


  1. bagus ya potongannya O_o jadi pengen ke sana juga hahaha
    cc pake kamera apa fotonya? :)

    1. iya meski ga diblow lagi juga tetep bagus <3... aku pake canon eos 500D :)kalo yang rada burem sih gara-gara pake kamera hp hehehe

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