July 19, 2013

Etude Beauty Carnaval : Healthy Face Movement

Last month, Etude House invited me to come on their biggest annual event :D Etude Time! This year they came up with Beauty Carnaval theme. The event was held at Mal Taman Anggrek. It is really crowded compared to the last year. I'm so excited <3

All the decorations are in pink and so cute! The cone-shaped-roof of each counter remind me of circus carnaval. Seems like we're in a Etude House Theme Park LOL.

Bloggers are gathered in a private area with many tables and make-up. I met several blogger friends, such as ce Jilly, Vheii, Rini, Gita, and Matcha. It seems I've been disappeared for quite a long time from blogger's event hahaha.. 

And then Ms Yohana started the event by explaining about Etude's latest campaign about Healthy Face Movement (HFM) and also their latest product... the CC Cream that has been famous among beauty enthusiast lately. I was also curious to find out :D 
 Healthy Face Movement is a campaign about how to take care of their face by doing '3ME'

1. Membersihkan wajah dengan skincare 
(Cleansing with skincare)

2. Memakai pelembab atau alas bedak ringan 
(Using moisturizer)

3. Membersihkan wajah kembali setelah beraktivitas 
(Cleansing after doing activity)

I think it's really important to take care of your skin especially when you're still young.They also held a video competition for Healthy Face Movement since it's much more interesting to see an explanation through a video than a long boring paragraph,right? You can check on their Facebook Page for more info :) Everybody could join in and there will be lot of prizes!

After that we're asked to do a makeup competition :D And here's how do I look at the moment
Not much makeup since they told us to came with bare-face. But just cannot came without makeup la, the ugliness will be exposed. So I came with no makeup makeup look LOL.

Etude's MUA is doing a make-up demo that we will do later. It's Korean sweet natural look. :)

 And this is the results. Well it's pretty hard to be captured but I think you could imagine how Korean natural sweet look would be :P

And now it's our turn to create a Sweet Sparkling Candy Look.
 Bare face *_* so ugly... let's see how much I could change...

Couldn't manage to capture any picture because they only gave us 30 minutes. >_<

And this is the results...
 I think I look more like K-POP than Sparkling Sweet Candy Look... am I right?

The reason is because all the eyeshadow that I got was in brown color, black eyeliner and also black eyebrow pencil.  T ^ T I was busy borrowing other items from other friends and it takes much time. In fact, I don't really mind to be given testers as long as they can be used properly. But what I found on my table are  dirty powder sponges, dried mascara, and unmatched eyeshadow color. Even when we're given tester, at least they could provide us a new and clean sponge considering the hygiene issues :) We want to make sure that everything is clean before we put them on our face, right? So I hope they could prepare the items better next time and the competition could be fair in my opinion :).

Anyway, here there are the winners :D

Not forget to do the 'usual' beauty blogger pose

And we could bring their CC Cream and BB cream home! Yeayy! :D
I enjoyed Etude's Beauty Carnaval Event so much <3 And don't forget to join the Healthy Face Movement Video Competition! ;) kindly wait for my video and reviews then.


  1. wow you're so lucky to get the bb cream and cc cream for free! too bad they didn't provide you clean makeup tools there :(

  2. yeapp ^.^ I'm so happy to get their bb and cc cream.. well I'd told them about it and let's hope they could make it better next time.. everyone could make a mistake, right? ^^

  3. Ehhhh... Used sponges and dried mascara is unacceptable! Gosh I'd be quite put off by those used items. -.-"

  4. I was also kinda surprised at the moment but hopefully they will make it better next time :)

  5. Hi All, thank you for your support. Im Yohanna from Etude House. On behalf of the house, Im so sorry, actually we already save the new sponge for you, but we could not find it in the storage. Im sure next time we'll do it better. Anyway, hope the bb and cc can benefited your skin. Enjoy dear! kiss2

  6. It's okay :) I could understand that Etude House's team were preparing so many things and there might be a chance they missed something ^_^ Overall it's a really nice event mba Yohanna ... Thanks for the bb and cc cream, I love them ;)


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