July 5, 2013

Skripsi Life

Hello everyone! *waves to all my readers*

You'd probably known the reason why I've been missing for months. Yes! Thesis or skripsi (whatever). In short, it is all you need to graduate from university. Since I'm majoring in Graphic Design so I have to write a report or 'penulisan' and the solution through design works or 'karya'. My case is about corporate identity since I enjoyed creating logos. Many things to do and they're expecting us to be perfect. T ^ T  So I've been fighting with tears and blood for over 2 months.

For example, in H-3 before the presentation... I almost crashed in an accident twice and give me such a really nice injury ...

I've been going anywhere with motorcycle but never experience any single day worse than this. I was going out to print some of my works and it was SATURDAY! It shouldn't be as crowded as weekdays but I got hit twice on the motorcycle T_____T the first hit gave me that painful injury on my feet and the second hit almost dragged me down from the motorcycle. I feel cursed....

 But keep the good attitude and positive mind. You'll be alright. I passed it already and still alive now hahahaha.

That's not the only problem  got. I was freaking out when one of my lecturer is surprisingly incapable and against all the expert theories. Later I find out that my examiner is a logo expert. There are 8 people in my groups and I was the only one who make corporate identity... #crap.. -___________- I feel cursed (again)...

I guess that's the summary that you can imagine about my thesis. Everything could happen in your thesis and I just understand that it's really true. I even almost feel wanna quit but heyy... I passed it already now. I might wanna laugh at myself two months ago la if I quit. Just never quit :D 

The main point of this assignment is about rebuilding the brand image through its corporate identity which consist logo as one of the aspect. Not much explanation since you will be bored and burried under so many theories lol. Just enjoy the picture xD.

Can you imagine that I bring all of these stuffs by motorcycle?? LOL .. that's why I didn't bring my DSLR because I brought so many things already *_* Moreover I need to rush buying food for display earlier in the morning. And I have to arrived af uni before 8.00 because I still need some time to put the food in my display. I'd tried to buy them the night before but they were sold out T_____T The day before my presentation, I have to wait at the uni for my turn to display all of these thing until 6 pm. So hectic,right? They promised to give us time from 3-6 pm but we were just started at 4.30pm -_- 

But it is over... Everything turned into a really nice memory and make me giggle when I tried to remember it.
My favorite photo turned out to be super blur T___________T

Thanks to Pat. He helped me a lot! Especially for bringing all the stuff with me. He also help me to hang on those big panels.

It's been pretty messy.. And my friend has grabbed the pastel in the picture above so the only left is the price tag only hahahaha...

Some of the media :3

But I do really surprised that in the end, my examiner (the logo expert LOL..) said that he likes my work and I'd done a really good job. I'm feeling super happy at the moment! Even if I didn't get an A, I've managed to meet so many logo expert and they inspired me so much <3 The experience itself means more for me :)

Last but not least..
Here are some of the fee that I have to pay. :'( Make it all out for skripsi.

Okay so now I'm free and also totally broke! T ^ T but I got a bunch blog homework to do.So please kindly wait for the upcoming post. Bye!


  1. OMG...
    Sorry to hear that!
    Pasti super ribet yah kalo udah tingkat akhir? Taun depan aku jg masuk tingkat akhir, semoga bisa berjalan lancar deh semuanya.
    Good luck ya gab, tetep semangat!
    Fighting!!! :)

  2. Thanks nacchu.. :) iya km juga good luck yaaa :* pokoknya sabar2 aja pasti nanti kelar hehehe

  3. kamu kuliah dimana sih sayanggg? bagus deh itu item2 nya, duh aku TA gak pake branding, takut susahhhh ahahhahahahah

  4. kuliah di untar :3 item2 apa git? hahahah... *_* iya ini setengah mati juga ngerjainnya sampe sidang pun banyak cobaan hahahaha

  5. item mksdnya mainannya gab, hihihi, itu ada banner dll, unyuu :3
    ganbatte! hehehe

  6. astagaaaa ga ngeh... *lagi eror* hahahahaa... iya banyak emang kalo ngga displaynya sepi >_<


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