July 7, 2013

Hello Kawaii Beauty Japan!

In case of you don't know, I am totally a big fan of Japan (besides Pucca from Korea)! If I were asked about which country I want to visit so bad... I will answer JAPAN!!  The first time I fall in love with Japan is when I saw a picture of Japanese woman wearing kimono in my English textbook. I was about in first or second grade in elementary school.

Then during my teens, I started to read BUNCH of manga. Save every single money that I have to buy the new manga every month LOL. I always wondering how does takoyaki and sushi taste ever since. LOL I guess that's how I was being curious about Japan in the first place.

My idol .. Ayumi Hamasaki.

I don't know how she could pull off many style and make it popular 8D 

My favorite Japanese food ever. Takoyaki!
Source : KBJ

 Source : KBJ

Source : KBJ

Source : KBJ

So many huh?

It sounds unreasonable in the beginning about how I like Japan. But the more I know about Japan, I'm kinda amazed more! And you'll love them more days by days (at least that's what happened to me)

And now.... let's say hello to Kawaii Beauty Japan!

What is Kawaii Beauty Japan?
Kawaii Beauty Japan (KBJ) is a one stop media where you can reveal your true beauty with a hint of Japanese secret. <3

So for anyone who loves Japan, you should check out Kawaii Beauty Japan. :D They shared so many useful information about Japan. Japanese culture, Japanese folklore, Japanese food, you named it. You just need a single click and you got all you need. It is much more easier compared to many years ago, I need so many time to find a simple Japanese recipe or anything about Japan. So be grateful that you're in Kawaii Beauty Japan era LOL.

One point from Japan that I adore the most is about their secret of beauty and healthy living .I've been trying several Japanese skincare method until now and it works great.:D Japan is also known as the healthiest country with the highest life rate in the world. Amazing right. Therefore Kawaii Beauty Japan revealed three beauty secrets.

1. Skin
They would love to introduce about skincare regime and also recommended Japanese products for all their readers to try :D As you know, Japanese skincare is really famous and works wonderful <3 See how clear their skin are.

Source : KBJ

The famous Chizu Saeki. I'd shared about her simple method to keep your skin beautiful here. :D 

2. Heart / Mind
Spring in Japan.. cherry blossom tree! <3 Wanna walk together with Patty once in Japan! 

Source : KBJ

They believe that beauty is not only about how beautiful are you in the outside but also from the inside. So they helped us to achieve an inner beauty by sharing the beauty of culture and view in Japan. When you're looking at a good thing, people will feel happy. Being happy means being beautiful :D Did you got the point?

3. Body
Source : KBJ

Basic of true beauty is a healthy diet. I was always wondering about why does Japanese people  looks so healthy? Even the elders, kids, teens. I barely see any overweight people in Japan. Then later I reveal the secret after watching several Japanese cooking channel on Youtube.

Source : KBJ

They pay attention on the balance of their diet seriously. For example the combination of their menu. They always tried to put on vegetable in everything they eat. o_o Onions, salads, pickles, and many more. They also drink green tea which is really really good for your body. They ate fish more than we did in here although we're the same perairan country. No wonder they are being so healthy :D

Japan surely never fail to impress me.

They believe through these aspects, every woman could reveal their real beauty to the world. And I feel that Kawaii Beauty Japan is really helpful for those who want to know more about Japan. You can get so many information from their fanpage since they coming with different information everyday. So you can build up your Japan knowledge through Kawaii Beauty Japan!

Make sure to visit Kawaii Beauty Japan 

And anyway I'm late for submission T_______T I misunderstood the date 7 July 12.00 PM for tonight .. Unfortunately the last submission is last night. :'( So sad but I think it would be better to publish it. So more people know about Japan that I love <3

I wish I could visit Japan one day and experience the beauty of Japan. :) 私は日本が大好き


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