July 22, 2013

Review : Ellips Hair Mask

Coming with a quick review of a hair mask that I used recently. I started to feel that my hair is getting worse by days since I don't have much time to take care of it at the moment. So when I was going to the supermarket, I saw this hair mask and grab it with no doubt at all. My hair deserves a treatment too la, not only my face hahaha. I'm really afraid I will be bald soon if I don't take care my hair properly T_T

Ellips Hair Mask

It's pretty cheap and come in several variant which I don't really remember to be exact. But I chose the one that suitable for colored hair.

Simple packaging and designed for a single usage. I found there's a generous amount of product inside. It's more than enough for me, as I have long hair but it's quite thin. But I think it would be enough for someone with long and thick hair :) Only cost you less than Rp 10.000.

The cream consistency is thick and can be easily spread. 
Use after you finished washing your hair.

The results is shiny and untangled hair for me hahaha. :D It doesn't make my hair looks so damn oily just like other hair mask could be. It doesn't have any disturbing fragrance too. So I think it's a pretty good deal. It can be easily found in the nearest supermarket. I would love to try the other variants later :3

-Makes my hair smooth
-Easy to find


So, do you like using hair mask? What kind of product do you use?
 Let me know in the comment section :D


  1. where do you buy this? (:

  2. But this in the nearest supermarket in Indonesia ^_^

  3. oh i see. I'm from singapore and not sure this is in singapore...

  4. Oww.. but you can probably find the other brand that available in Singapore :D Perhaps you could get a better substitution hehe


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