July 20, 2013

Beauty Inside and Out with Pantene Shine Moment

"Beauty not only comes from the outside but also from inside"

Well I must said it really depends on people. But as for me, both of them are important. :) Everybody love pretty woman with a beautiful heart, don't they?

Last week, Pantene Indonesia invited me to come to their press conference about 'Pantene Shine Moment'. The event was held at Luna Negra. So what it is all about?

Ezta Wahyudi as the PR Manager of P&G Indonesia mentioned about their current campaign "Pancarkan Kilau Rambut dan Hatimu". She gave us a brief explanation about how beauty could elevate our confidence level and inspired us to share with the others. Based on this philosophy, Pantene invited all Indonesian woman to participate in Pantene Shine Moment contest to achieve a beautiful hair and beautiful ideas to help others.

 Pantene Indonesia's Brand Ambassador, Raline Shah. 

She represented 'Puteri Favorit' in Putri Indonesia 2008 and had such a wonderful vision about improving Indonesian women's quality. She believes that every woman could make a great achievement through their self-confidence. For your information, Raline had been involved in many social activities, especially about children's education. I believe she represent beauty from the inside and out. :) And she is convinced that we could do the same thing through Pantene Shine Moments.

Are you ready to spread the beauty?


Simply choose one or several things from 10 hair problems and share your ideas to help one of 10 problems in our environment. In 14 days, each participants must give a reason about their ideas for helping others everyday. And Pantene will give you hair care tips for achieving healthy and shiny hair as a feedback.

You can join in Pantene Shine Moment here
The contest will run from July 1st to 26th 2013. 

Let's join in and share some love :)


  1. wow, the ambassador look so gorgeous and super flawless! ^_~

  2. yes, she's really beautiful and tall.. I look so short beside her >_< hahaha


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