July 4, 2012

Make Up Forever Rouge Artist Blogger Gathering

MUFE is coming with the new concept of Rouge Artist! And they also kindly invited me to the Blogger Gathering. Wanna find out more? 

Judging from the invitation, I could tell this must be something-colorful-related with.

A quick and simple FOTD for that day!

We were kindly greeted by all the MUFE Staffs there. :D And also welcomed by delicious light snack. There are tons of makeup there! Feels like in heaven... I think I could spent a day long trying all the make up there. They got all MUFE products in there.

The stars of the day! The ROUGE ARTIST Collection. They come in 100 different color! Yes you're not wrong.. ONE HUNDRED! 

I swatched several of them. 

And the fun was about to begin! Why oh why?? We were paired in two and challenged to create a look with the Rouge Artist Collection. I paired with Bella!

Since I love to try new thing, I decide to give an unusual touch to her. And noted that we're allowed to use any glitters, eyeliner, and so on to create the different look for the lips. Okay challenge accepted LOL!


I did a blue eye make up for Bella using MUFE Cream liner which is super duper pigmented and has plenty of unusual color that I love! I'd been blabbing around about colorful eyeliner! Not to forget, I try to achieve a  sexy look with purplish shade for her. Hahahaha you'd been my good experiment, Bel *evil grin* LOL

 To match the pair, Bella create the smooky eye and also blend black lipstick with the red. 

 Photos with fellow blogger as usual ;) See how cute I am when I just come and how fierce I am when I left already LOL. #slapme

After make-over session, each pair come in front and explain about the looks they created.

Carnellin - Mada- Nisa

Stephanie - Endi Feng

Stella Lee - Franky Wu
and last.. but not least... the FIERCE team LOL.....
Bella and Me
Camwhore time with each other! All of us looks really different at that night! :D

Our big sist, Stephanie also look so different that night ;) Gorgeous ce!

And before we left home. We were also given some cute tiny sample and also this lovely mystery goodies.

The mystery goodies!

Wanna find out what's inside? ;) Well I only could tell the hint is AQUA.. And I will reveal it very soon...

Thanks to MUFE Indonesia. I was having such a really great time in this event :D


  1. i love how your photos are always clear and sharp! ^.^

  2. no lah... xD thanks to camera autofocus LOL... and we looks great in the photo :D

  3. Wow.... Mufe...love this brand
    Pk camera type apa sai... Bagussss

  4. Iya ^_^ aku pake canon EOS 500 D

  5. Kamu cantik ya ;) hehe..
    Arggg MUFE ... Saya pencinta MAKE UP FOREVER AND EVER

  6. Ah ngga lah.. >_< I'm not that beautiful hehehe... iyaaa aku juga fall in love sekali ama MUFE jadinyaaa.. x)


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