July 3, 2012

My New Domain.. Milk Mochi!

After a long journey,I finally bought my own domain. I decided to change the name to my original character that I made few years ago which mean a lot for me.. Milk Mochi!

Say hello to her!
Milk Mochi is one of my creation that I love so much. It is also my first creation when I'm still a newbie in design world LOL. After all, it represent about my personality and also keep a story about my life. ^_^ so I decide to mark it as my new blog name and address...

What do you think?? Do you like it or not?

I'm still working on the new layout, due to my broken HDD, it's being postponed a little bit. But I'd been spent few days to rebuild it again. Those HTML thingy are kinda confusing me, therefore I think I will leave it to proffesionals once the design is done.

I hope you guys enjoy my new blog appearance and also welcome this cute creature that will be appear more often in my blog :D


  1. bagus gab!! :D

  2. congrats :)
    milk mochinya cuteee banget ^^

  3. priscilla clara siregarJuly 3, 2012 at 9:18 PM

    lucuuuu... ^^

  4. wahhh lucu XD hihi.. congrats for your new domain ^^
    simple tapi cute :3

  5. thanks for your compliment ^o^ glad you guys like it...

  6. im loving the new layout...really neat and pretty ^_~

  7. hi milk mochi.. you look so yummy.. I really want to bite you! XD
    Congrats for your new domain ya ci <3

  8. congrats gabby~ *throw confetti
    its so cute and simple! me likey <33

  9. hahaha jangan digigittt ntar somplak LOL.. thanks ^^

  10. thanks xD... so glad you like it! still need some adjustment though... D: *frustasi kalo ngutak ngatik HTML sendiri *


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