July 24, 2012

The Amazing Spiderman with New Revlon PhotoReady and CLEO Magz

This post should've been up few days ago... but I'm totally forgot to scheduled it!!! *my bad!!* Another amazing event from Revlon. They sent me an invitation to their New Photoready Collection launching event at Gandaria City. They also kindly invite us to watch The Amazing Spiderman Movie together before the launching event.

The movie itself not really attracts me a lot because I think it turned out to be more romance than the action. I was expecting more action since this is a superhero movie. Hahaha anyway but a really nice treat from Revlon. ;) We were also given free drinks and popcorn! And what could be more fun than enjoying the movie with all your friends?

Right after the movie, the New Revlon PhotoReady Collection began. There are several new products released such as PhotoReady Airbrush Mousse Makeup, PhotoReady Face Primer Collection, Revlon Photoready Sculpting Brush Palette, and Revlon PhotoReady 3D Volume Mascara.

The launching event at Metro Dept Store was quite crowded by all bloggers and media. There are also several fun session such as photobooth, quiz (and I win!), doorprize, and many more! We were also had a chance to try on, swatching the products. Such a really beautiful playground for beauty bloggers. 

All these products will be available at Revlon counters around mid-end of July. Further review about products will be up soon ;)

Swatching the foundation :3

The primer! They got in two different shades.

The eye brightener... it can be used as concealer, highlighter, and eye base. Really nice!


See how it works as an eye primer.. :3

Pretty impressive and I think I shouldn't mention how much I love pen type packaging. It's just easy to use and easy to travel with. I love how Revlon always try to innovate their product one step further. 

Playing around the counter. See how many lip color that Revlon had... ? :D I love their Super Lustrous lipstick!

Photobooth time! Hohoho... I feel that my clothes match the background since I love red!! Match with Rini too... *sisterhugs*

And I won the Quiz!! So happy... Revlon provides so many prizes in this event! Really awesome. :D

The event continued to a make-up demo using all New Photoready Collection. :3 

And here are they... all the models look so gorgeous and so tall...#why am I so short?

After a really nice day, not forget to capture the fun with all blogger friends... Franky and ce Putri are in action!!

Ce Phanie in a spiderman shirt!! *wanna grab the shirt because it is red!!*

Generous goodie bag too.. :D And I got the Revlon Gel Liner in Black which I've been wanted to try. I will probably make a comparison post with the brown one. See you later!


  1. yuhuuu.. jd tringat filmnya banyakan adegan ga penting si spidey.. hahaha..
    ayo kita nntn bareng lg rame2 sm yg lain (^0^)/
    fotonya bagus ya yg qt brdua ituu.. tp pas aku liat lg aku ky org hamil d sana., wkwk -_-

  2. wah revlon keluar produk baru ya..Pengen nyoba concealar soalnya ada kuas gitu.hehehe

  3. iya LOL kita komen mulu wkwkwkwk... ayoooo nonton bareng lagiii... hahaha masa sih? ._. tapi dirimu cocok pake dress, feminim gitu ...

  4. keren ce abisan itu merah-merah spidey unyu... :3 hihihi gayanya asik si cecehh....


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